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Name, School: Tina Musa, CC

Claim to fame: Being a Peer Counselor/Advocate at the Rape Crisis/Anti-Violence Support Center (Consent is sexy!). Living in the IRC. Being a part of Filasteen, SPEaK and the Ethnic Studies Suite while they were around.

Post-grad plans: Going to medical school, liberating Palestine, and traveling to New Zealand to find the Shire.

Favorite study spot? My bed! Also my favorite sleeping spot coincidentally…

What are three things you learned at Columbia?

1) Everything is a social construction. Even icecream.

2) The best dumpstering spots are outside of Milano and Absolute Bagels.

3) Butler Library has comic books. Look up “The Boondocks” on CLIO…

Justify your existence in 30 words or less. I can cook pretty well – I’d say that covers it.

What was your favorite controversy in your time at Columbia?

When Matthew Fox was chosen to speak at class day. I still contend that there are better and hotter actors on Lost (Naveen Andrews) who could have made it out to New York City…

Any battle wounds/war stories from the War on Fun? Losing Casbah Rouge to Chipotle. And then hating myself for enjoying their burritos…

Would you rather permanently give up oral sex or cheese? Like that will ever happen.

What do you wish you could tell the Class of 2013 before they come here?

Don’t start a David Project – that’s just pretentious. Leave campus and enjoy New York City. Don’t go dancing in 4 inch heels. Actually, go dancing in 4 inch heels and get a massage afterwards – from whomever you bring home with you…

Regrets? Well I’m not done yet – ask me in a few weeks.

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  1. Um...  

    1) Naveen Andrews is not a Columbia alum. Problem.

    2) Matthew Fox's commencement speech was great. I think the graduate enjoyed it, and it's that what's important... Not whether or not the speaker is "hot"?

  2. one of  

    the worst senior wisdoms ever...

  3. wow  

    Liberating Palestine? really? i have to hope you're joking

  4. don't be so stuck up  

    I thought her answers were pretty awesome.

    • I agree  

      this is one of the few senior wisdoms i've read where i felt like i could probably have a conversation with the person without wanting to shoot myself in the face after 10 minutes.

  5. Tina is  


  6. i'd  

    i'd tap that... if she had a better face

  7. um..  

    from what? themselves?

  8. umm u suck  

    u and ur radical post-graduation plans

  9. FORGET SENIOR WISDOMS!!! 'bout that huge rainbow over campus today around 7pm?!? Someone post a picture of that!!

  10. NO,  

    from israeli occupation, you idiot!

  11. hate to  

    shit on the trolls, but this girl sounds pretty awesome.

  12. Liberating Palestine  

    You and Hezbollah both!

  13. i agree...  

    she made a reference to the shire. Thats enough to make her cool in my book.

  14. aww

    this makes me love tina!

  15. the plight  

    of the palestinians? you've obviously never been to the middle east

  16. asdf

    i've never heard the phrase "social construction." it's always "social construct." surely someone can explain the distinction for me and tina, and why it matters.

    also, is "pretentious" really the word you're looking for there? what is pretentious about the David Project? do you really mean "repulsive," or maybe "too awesome for a school like columbia"? those would at least make sense in the context.

  17. hmmm  

    Can't we nuke the palestinians already...

  18. bwog  

    where is peter valeiras' senior wisdom???

  19. dude1  

    just bomb the whole middle east that will fix everything

  20. CC 09  

    From a senior that did a senior wisdom, this was one of the most entertaining and refreshing wisdoms yet. I have to say the Casbah answer and the social construction advice were spot on.

  21. Also  

    This is the first person selected that I don't know.

  22. obviously  

    she knows matthew fox was an alum...
    the joke is about thinking that people have something to say just because they are enormously famous.

  23. anti-rjt

    all i'm saying is that rob trump is going DOWN.


  24. 2150  

    i love studying in my bed too!!

  25. going home?  

    bwog, please help advertise

  26. This  

    is actually a pretty great senior wisdom - she seems like a cool person. Also, some of you really need to calm down with your comments. Just because you have a different opinion about the middle east doesn't mean you can post rude and completely unintelligent comments. We go to Columbia, people! This shouldn't be too hard.

  27. buffy will save us  

    I'm kind of entertained by the degree to which commenter vitriol has increased since finals started.

  28. musa-love.  

    this girl is so real. and so great. unpretentiousness -- hoorah!

  29. john b  

    I would love to study anatomy on her bed.

  30. Is there  

    any senior wisdom from international students? It would be nice to get advice that comes from a range of backgrounds other than American.

  31. bwog  

    please delete #24

  32. bwog  

    please delete #39 for stating his opinion also.

  33. represent  

    !فـلـسـطـيـن الـحـرة

  34. what  

    was going on by the steps tonight? with the loud music?

  35. huzza!  

    for tina! dumpster bagels and casbah... this is wisdom you underclassmen should appreciate!

  36. call me  

    for dancing and massage and hey, maybe i'll take you to nz if we hit it off

  37. no really  

    loud music and noise in general? why?

  38. wish  

    her fb were open to i could j the d and take a shit on pste

  39. Rightttt

    Palestine does not exist. Israel does. That is a fact. Another fact is that Israel gave the "palestinians" Gaza by *forcing* out all Israelis from that area. What type of "freeing" of palestine are you talking about. Palestinians are continually bombing Israel to this day. What is going on with some people at Columbia?? KNOW THE FACTS PEOPLE senior wisdom? more like senior folly cmon bwog

    • to the above comment  

      Could we please save this bullshit about palestine and israel for another forum. arguing politics via internet forum is pretty lame.

      but as for this senior wisdom, i think it's pretty genuine, i've known tina for 4 years now, and although i didn't get a chance to know her well, she seems like a really sincere individual. best of luck in the future tina.

    • wow  

      You are so jaded. Please go educate yourself and stop being brainwashed by the zionists. Israel wouldn't have even existed if you didn't have the support of the Western world.

      • hahah

        the zionists? and who brainwashes you? hezbollah? if you want to talk about zionists just wiki them and see how much positivity they have added to the world. On the other hand, what has your affiliated group contributed besides suicide bombs and killing and just full of hate???
        misery misery misery...

        • really?  

          Did you really just refer someone to wikipedia as part of a serious debate (or at least a debate *you're* taking seriously)? You cannot go to school here. Please...

  40. pickles  

    she's a good cook but i'm still hungry all the time

  41. observations

    I think it's ironic that she said the David Project is pretentious but doesn't believe there is any pretense in declaring an intent to "liberate Palestine." She has great looks and I'm sure there are many great things about her, but she's sadly deluded.

  42. Anonymous

    What a surprise, Columbia is ANGRERY and want PUNCHAN and FIGHTAN because someone mentioned Palestine (which, according to Israel and the US government, is a stated goal of foreign policy. So is Israel lying or are Americans just being dumb? YOU DECIDE)

  43. I think I heard  

    there were streakers on Low Steps. Any further word on that? :-)

  44. graduating senior

    I wish I'd been asked for a senior wisdom so that the younger students could hear about columbia from the perspective of a loser without any friends.

  45. This was  

    a pretty decent senior wisdom. Middle east opinions aside, this is the kind of senior wisdom this bwog reader wants to see. Editors, take note! No more douchebags who think they can laugh at themselves, more people who come over as genuinely nice and worth knowing.

  46. wisdoms  

    how about some GS seniors? some of 'em are weird, sure, but some of 'em are wise indeed.

  47. Sure

    It seems as though the people who agree that this is a great senior wisdom are the same person. "Don't start a David Project" as advice to class of 2013??? Free Palestine?? from what? What kind of senior wisdom is this? Those of you who are tired of "douchebags" - this is definitely one, adding nothing to my knowledge except that there are racist ppl out there...

  48. RUH-ROH  

    one mention of palestine and the off-campus trolls come out in FORCE.

  49. bwog  

    really only CC people this year? can we have some diversity?

  50. comment 50  

    awesome! best one ever---if more people have funny things to say on blogs instead of moronic pseudopolitical (really prejudice) nonsense, than maybe Columbia will stop being so fucking annoying. And people like Tina will say funny things as wisdom instead of dumb messages that divide the class of 2013 and alienate people who do not even fit in yet...

    plus we oldtimers are simply just not entertained.

  51. touchy?  

    There is nothing particularly controversial about saying she wants to liberate Palestine, since she probably is Palestinian. And yet the Zion-brigade explodes. Man the Israeli reaction/propaganda machine is incredibly effective. Chill the fuck out. You don't have to be a Jihadi to figure out the Palestinians aren't exactly in great shape and need their own state.

    • dudeeee

      dude, you dont get it. they have their own state. in order to "liberate" palestine their aim is to wipe israel off the map, simply said. they have their own govt and land, how else do you want to give them their "own state" and how would it benefit??

  52. IRC?  

    I didn't know white people were allowed to live in the IRC.

  53. boredatbutler?  

    gs film major? professor tired with scholarly review? or just bored at butler?

  54. alsoooo  

    you should know YOUR facts. Israel would be a fraction of the size it is today if all of the neighboring countries didn't attack it right when it was formed and proceed to retreat and lose a ton of their land when israel actually fought back. As for the Palestinians, you can't solely put the blame on Israel as pretty much every middle east country treats them poorly

  55. Remember when  

    bwog comments didn't turn into a useless shouting match for really no reason?

    O wait—that time never existed

  56. please please please  

    joseph daniels senior wisdom?!

  57. wow  

    A Palestinian student expresses her desire for a free homeland, and Israel's self-appointed public relations team is out for a FIGHT. free palestine (west bank let's say) from what? israeli military occupation, control of airspace and borders, settlement building and expansion, land expropriation, to say the least.

    this assault is really humorous though keep it up guys. entertainment is important during sleep deprived pre-finals nights, even if it is of the cheap and ignorant variety.

    • not...

      I find the dichotomy you have established rather preposterous. She's just a Palestinian student you say-- something which you presume to be obvious to everyone else (frankly, I didn't see the word "Palestinian" scrawled over her face), but anyone who criticizes her desire to bring about the "liberation of Palestine" is, on your word, a "self-appointed" member of Israel's "public relations team." By that line of reasoning, what makes her anything other than a self-appointed recruit for the jihad? It was you, by the way, you said "West Bank." She did not. Anyway, I didn't see much of a shouting match above, and it isn't my wish to provoke or perpetuate one, as the case may be-- this isn't the proper place to discuss consequential geopolitical issues-- but I take issue with the nowadays unquestioned premise that the right of Israelis to a homeland in Israel is in any respect less pure or less genuine than that of the Palestinians. But this is an issue for a different time and place. She is entitled to her views.

      • yes  

        the right of Israelis to a homeland in 'Israel' IS less pure or less genuine than the Palestinians because that land BELONGS to the Palestinians you kicked out.

        • hahaha

          Israelis have lived on that land much longer than palestinians - all the historical significance speaks for itself...stop whining over some land that could or could not have been the palestinains or the israelis and try to make something out of your life. im a jew and my family and I were kicked out of iran along with many other jews of arab countries. plus all he jews murdered and driven out during the holocaust. You dont see anyone of them constantly whining, and instead hope for the best and try to make the best of life. so stop your whining over a piece of land that is smaller than the state of NJ

          • Did you know...  

            Iran is the country with the most Jews outside of Israel? BBC had an article a while back, and they interviewed Jewish Iranians, who said they lived peacefully, and were allowed to travel and come back.

          • absolutely not  

            There are 5 million Jews in the US and somewhere around 20,000 thousand Jews in Iran.

          • actually  

            i think he meant to say 'most jews outside israel in the middle east'

          • right  

            sounds like you are the one whining. oh you are a jew? what a surprise! so the israelis, who came from europe and russia and god knows where, have lived in palestine longer than the palestinians you say? and how exactly do you substantiate that claim, my deluded friend. stop blaming iran and the arab countries...they had nothing to do with the holocaust. if you want your nice revenge, go to europe and leave other people's land alone.

          • quick demographics lesson  

            Jewish population of Israel (via wikipedia -

            Note that there are EQUAL NUMBERS of Jews from Europe as from Asia and Africa. For the record, not all Jews are European. Not even most.

            * Ashkenazim (about 38% of the national population): Jews whose ancestors came from Germany, France, and Eastern Europe. Most Ashkenazi Jews that settled in Israel were from Russia, Poland, Romania, Ukraine, Germany, Hungary, Czech Republic,North America, South America, South Africa and Australia.

            * Mizrahim and Sephardim (about 38% of the national population): Most Jewish immigrants to Israel from Iran, Iraq, Yemen, and Syria are considered Mizrahim, and the term has come to refer to Jews whose ancestors lived in Arab or Muslim lands, but did not live in Spain or Portugal. The word Sephardi refers to Jews whose ancestors lived in Spain and Portugal until 1492, and sometimes until later, then spread to Greece, Italy, England, the Netherlands and elsewhere in Europe, as well as into the Ottoman Empire and in North Africa. Many Sephardi Jews that settled in Israel from Morocco, Algeria, Turkey and the whole Mediterranean area are descendants from migrants from Spain and Portugal. In modern Israeli Hebrew usage, this category is often included in Mizrahim.Those with origins in Muslim and Arab lands are commonly called Sephardim by their Ashkenazi counterparts, though the majority does not descend from Iberian Jews and are best described as Mizrahi. The Jews of Iran and Iraqi Jews are always considered Mizrahi as well as the Yemenite and Omani Jews.

            * Italian Jews (about 1% of the national population):[citation needed] Jews whose ancestors lived mainly in central Italy. Due to its history and geographical position, Rome hosted the most ancient continuous Jewish community in Western Europe, dating back to the Roman Empire.

            * Indian Jews (about 1% of the national population): Jews from five distinct communities in India and also Burma, each with very different origins.

            * Beta Israel/Falash Mura of Ethiopia (about 2% of the national population): Jews who were initially brought to Israel during Operation Solomon and Operation Moses. Today at least 127,000 live in the country.

        • honestly  

          Oh good. Land that was bought by the JNF (yeah, i know, colonialist because of absentee landlords...) and, perhaps more legitimately, given to the Jewish people by the UN, belongs to people who had previously been part of the Greater Syria province of the Ottoman Empire.

          I do believe that the Palestinians should have a state, as they have since constituted a legitimate national and ethnic group bound together by their experiences and, yes, suffering. But that does not delegitimize Jewish claims to self-determination. It just means there should be two states. For all the socialist, anti-nation-state rhetoric that usually surrounds calls for a one state solution, there's a lot of insistence that a piece of land can only belong to Palestinians. Remember kindergarten? Share.

  58. welllll  

    i generally agree with her political sentiments, but i still thought some of her responses were unnecessarily provocative and divisive. sure, she has a right to express her opinions, but given the demographics of the student body, it seems like she was just out to create controversy. especially in her accusation of "pretentiousness"... seems a bit spiteful and not in the spirit of sharing senior wisdom if you ask me.

  59. also  

    and to preempt the comments to follow about Israel not being willing to share: if arafat or another leader had been willing to accept less than the entire historic palestine, there would have been a compromise. The 'right of return' just means that there is an insistence on Palestinians having the entire country. It's a wonder they don't try for Transjordan, too.


    DID YOU KNOW THAT: jews make great bagels!

    DID YOU KNOW THAT: arabs make great hummus!

    DID YOU KNOW THAT: bagels and hummus doesn't taste that bad!


  61. yeah  

    congratulations to the Jews on the thread who instantly associated 'Liberating Palestine' with Hezbollah, Jihad and terrorism. Funny indeed because you generally jump up and down like monkeys at any criticism of Israel's insane foreign policy, crying 'ANTI SEMITISM!' before anybody can speak.

    • nice of you

      to assume that the defenders of israel are necessarily jews...the with problem saying you want to 'liberate palestine' is that the phrase is entirely ambiguous; it can mean a whole host of different things. my guess is that, coupled with the 'don't start a david project because it's pretentious' comment, some of the pro-israel commenters here were a little disturbed. if she wanted to avoid controversy, she could have been clearer with her language--or maybe the purpose was to get ppl riled up anyway.

  62. wow  

    I thought i was shallow.

  63. Palestine  

    is a social construction

  64. hmmm  

    senior wisdom:
    Don't say anything bad about israel or good about palestinians. EVER.

  65. 102nd  

    The mere fact that I'm the 102nd post says something about the importance of this argument to many a Columbia student. Or maybe it's a combination of the issue plus finals week procrastination. We'll never know...

  66. lololol  


    LOL IM SO MORALLY AND INTELLECTUALLY SUPERIOR! LMFAO *wacks off, alone, never to get laid*

  67. ljdsfl

    Look, if you make pointed political statements in a public post like this (and all these senior wisdom kids are attention whores) then you should be willing to deal with the flack. Did she and her friends really expect the world to crap rainbows and butterflies in response to a controversial remark?

    In any event, the sadder thing is going through Columbia and not being able to properly contextualize 'pretentious'.

  68. YAY TINA  

    You're the best!

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