1. omg  

    teddy bear :) that makes me absolutely happy :)

  2. that's...  

    isn't that millie the barnard bear with her legs spread wide?

  3. 00000000003  

    Uh oh, Barnard creature *fucked* by TEACHERS college. An omen for all Barnard students taking exams today!

  4. it also has  


    • Yes!  

      Just what I came in here to comment about. Clearly Bwog has been hired by THE MAN to make sure we all get Swine Flu and die. That I know for sure. Now I just need to figure out why. Ugh I hate it when saving the school takes precedence over studying.

  5. BWOG  

    You should do a story on how CCE is canceling appointments, closing their offices, and going on an "all staff retreat" prior to graduation with many seniors needing job help once they finish their finals. Definitely sends the wrong message, especially since it was requested that departments cut wasteful spending. This is why I am part of the 10% that did NOT donate to Senior Fund. When is Columbia ever going to help me when I need it?

    • ...

      Your critique is wise but i think it is a nonsequitor that you are linking your decision to not donate to senior fund to this issue.

      It is actually ironic since what you are faulting in CCE is fundamentally selfishness and a lack of consideration for the needs of others (such as the students they should serve). Your willful decision to not donate is similarly selfish and is encouraging a cripling apathy which is part of why Columbia's alumni base is weaker than peer institutions. If more alumni gave and care about this school, maybe our financial situation would be better.

      In any case, I would also like to point out that I am in no way afiliated with Senior Fund. I am sure some cynic will say that I am so I though to get that clear

  6. cc 09  

    what's with all the anti-barnard vitriol? seems like it's gotten worse over time... don't worry, one day you'll grow up and you'll no longer have to prove yourself by tearing other people down.

  7. come on  

    believe me, if it was a running joke that all columbia girls were whores, or that columbia guys couldn't get it up, you'd take it personal, too.

  8. Alice  

    If I wanted to use a reference to The Brady Bunch Movie (which I do), I would compare Barnard to popular Marcia and the little trolls on this blog to Jan... clumsy, awkward and (dare I say?)perpetually uncomfortable in their own skin. DNFTT! Trust me, they're a little bit chubby already.

  9. me again!  

    #15, 16, 17 and now (18) are all the same people

  10. ...  

    no. these are all ridiculous stereotypes that have no real basis in reality. the only reason why they're funny is because they're ridiculous.

    you could argue that there are other stereotypes that are not okay, like racism or whatever. but it's apples and oranges. racism, homophobia, true sexism and the like are off-limits because they come with baggage where people actually suffered because of them.

    a running inside joke where one branch of a bourgeoisie institution makes jokes about the sexual fidelity of the entire student body of another branch of that institution is not comparable. anybody with half a brain knows that massive generalizations like that are absurd, especially considering how diverse barnard is and the fact that the only thing they really have in common is that they all chose the same school.

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