1. b@b  

    curse the rainbow which mocks me

  2. ...  

    the first rainbow over campus all year that wasn't a queer balloon arch.

  3. good choice!  

    According to Columbia's announcement, Steele is known for his research in social psychology, "including such issues as self-identity, group stereotypes and addictive behaviors."
    No wonder he's coming to Columbia.

  4. heathens

    you meant God. God sent us a rainbow.

    Or Lucky the leprechaun. But mostly God.

  5. breaking news

    new provost! claude m steele of stanford.

  6. not to break  

    the cheeriness, but some woman just passed out on college walk. lots of shrieking, etc. quite the scene.

  7. somewhere  

    over the rainbow way up high.

    there's a voice in my head going why oh why oh why

    do i still have two finals left?????

  8. i wish  

    i wish i could 'like' the comment above..

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