Senior Wisdom: Peter Valeiras

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Name, School
: Peter Valeiras, SEAS

Claim to fame: President of the Engineering Student Council

Post-grad plans: Teach For America New York. High School Physics… keeping some form of engineering alive!

Favorite study spot? Avery Library… I’m probably the only engineer that knows about this place.

What are three things you learned at Columbia?

1. Engineers would probably not survive a huge flood or invasion because we do not have a swim test and really can’t build a boat… or catapult… in a reasonable amount of time to escape.

2. You can always get free things at Columbia… examples being that I have gone a week without buying food and all of college without buying a single t-shirt. And now I even got a free USB Memory Stick.

3. John Jay trays make the sturdiest sleds, although they are a little small.  Best sledding spots include: the steps, Riverside Park and the steps out to 120th by Mudd (although you need to make sure that you do not hit the wall).

Justify your existence in 30 words or less.

I think that I am supposed to be able to design a bridge… I can’t… and therefore really can’t justify my existence.

What was your favorite controversy in your time at Columbia?

When President Ahmadinejad visited and got torn apart on stage by PrezBo. Varsity Show did a great job incorporating this last year. Hunger Strike does come a close second.

Any battle wounds/war stories from the War on Fun?

Trying to convince the administration that we should have more alcohol at Glass House Rocks and then getting yelled at for it… at least I won’t have to watch the mass dumping of beers after Lerner Pubs next year.

Would you rather permanently give up oral sex or cheese?

Nothing hits the spot after oral sex like a grilled cheese from HamDel, so I can’t exactly give up one without giving up the other, but if I had to I would definitely stop eating grilled cheese……. oh, hi mom!

What do you wish you could tell the Class of 2013 before they come here?

Take advantage of all the activities on Columbia’s campus… I know some people say not to do this, but sign up for as many listservs as possible, this way you always know where the free food is and can maybe make a few more Facebook friends!


I wish that I took the Core.

Although people told me it was a bore.

Now all I can write

Is this limerick, so trite.

And really, nothing much more.

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  1. sigh  

    another douchebag whose just trying too hard

  2. bwog needs

    senior wisdom from mike weinstein asap

  3. Ohh

    come on. What's so bad about him, or the last guy?

  4. #2...  

    no the last three seemed geniune...he's just trying to sound witty.

  5. Donna D. Desilus  

    Loves Peter Valeiras

  6. hmm  

    I liked this one! And the previous one. (Thought the girl who called the David project pretentious was an attention hungry snob.)

    • lol  

      translation: wahhh!!! this girl insulted something i like!! im gonna call her names BOOOO!!!

      lmao you're making such a great argument in favor of the david project! really, great job. im sure everyone is now in support of them thanks to you! id hate to be called an 'attention hungry snob' by some anonymous internet individual... god no! please no! LOL

      • ummm  

        seriously? Didn't think this was the place to re-hash the merits of a project that was completed 5-years ago. I simply noticed that someone posted that they liked the previous three senior wisdoms, and I stated that I only liked the previous two.

  7. yayyyy  

    I heart peter!

  8. yay peter  

    nice senior wisdom!

  9. good job peter  

    Its really difficult to do these. You're under so much pressure to be creative and witty, yet honest and likable. I think you did a decent job. Well done.

    • not a good job  

      no, if people would just TRY to be themselves, then there would be no reason to sound 'creative and witty'. people read senior wisdoms to learn about seniors who are interesting, not those who are TRYING to be interesting. all this pretentiousness should just stop

  10. i was hoping  

    and praying it wouldn't come to this bwog. seriously he's who you choose. ?

    i want some real senior wisdoms that are actually good--not student council tools.

    also, funny his favorite controversy wasn't the one he started a couple of weeks ago by getting that guy kicked off of student council or w/e

  11. yayyy  

    peter valeiras, i have been waiting a long time for this SSSenior wisdom. you are amazing and i love you!!

  12. ohhh  

    now I get why Bwog commenters are such assholes - they're the Ns!

  13. Sigh

    I really don't like this guy, and his limerick doesn't scan.

  14. I definitely  

    thought this guy was George Krebs and vice versa for a good 6 months because they're both like... prominent generic looking white guys on campus. DYE YOUR HAIR!

  15. ccsc  

    i love peter, good job with the oral sex question, so true.
    bwog, you should have george krebs!!!! and alidad damooei!!!

  16. rajat  

    peter hates me but i still love him

  17. ?!?  

    man what is with all the hate--- I thought this one was awesome. His advice was actuallyyyy advice to incoming freshmen, not let-me-use-every-big-word-slash-phrase-out-of-Kant-and-Foucault-while-people-are-watching crap.

    good job, and i don't know you but it seem genuine. plus, you seem pretty normal..for a SEAS guy anyways

  18. MECE  

    to the first thing he learned and justification of existence... i don't know what they teach in civil but i can build a bridge, a catapult, and a boat. and i take offense at those comments from a fellow engineer

  19. Kant

    No one quoted Foucault. Or Kant - seniors are wise enough to avoid that excuse for an ass-whuppin

  20. post  

    more senior wisdoms!!!!

  21. Fri 8am to JFK  

    Can we get another PSA for carsplit? There are hardly any groups formed at this point.I have no moneys and three suitcases.

  22. haha  

    this should be in favorite comments.

    and i'm in seas... everyone knows where avery is.

  23. peter  

    works hard for esc- it's evident in everything he does for the council.

    i also like listservs and facebook friends.

  24. bwog really

    your comment section is outrageously biased against the color blind. Your silencing my voice!!!

  25. this dude  

    is super sexy. i'd do him in an instant.

  26. oh peter  

    i think you meant that john jay trays MADE the sturdiest trays. they are no more :(

  27. Trays

    John Jay does not have trays. I demand a correction. Peter though — good guy.

  28. hey bwog  

    no senior wisdoms from the valedictorian or salutatorian?

  29. this sounds....

    ...exactly like peter...he isn't trying too hard.

    it was short and witty... good job peter

  30. yay!  

    peter is the man!

  31. yaay  

    peter! this is totally the way peter give him some slack. hes really awesome and chill, if a bit lame lol

  32. awwww  

    Peter is such a nice guy, this sounds just like him! I'm gonna miss you! And I

  33. VHAT  

    Peter is a Pretty Poke-able Penguin

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