Pointy Tall Thing to Be White And Light Blue for Commencement

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As the class of 2009 departs Columbia, the bright lights of New York will have at least one symbol of their achievements: CCSC has secured the chance for the Empire State Building to be lit up in light blue and white next Wednesday night.

According to CCSC President George Krebs, the project was “spearheaded” by CC ’09’s Jenni O’Reilly-Jones (also president of CASO). Columbia joins several other organizations playing around with the lights, including NYU this past Tuesday, the FDNY this weekend, and Fleet Week starting next Thursday.

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  1. Metaphor watch

    Finally, Columbia's abusive phallus takes its place in the New York skyline.

  2. mimi

    Columbia isn't the first bloated and, some have recently argued, obsolete national institution to get this honor:

  3. whoa  

    I wonder what that negotiation process entails? Or maybe it's less complicated than I'm imagining.

  4. nice work cc'09  

    this is bad-ass

  5. wait  

    how much did THAT cost?

  6. sweet  

    I want to sit on it.

  7. CC '09  

    Great job, Jenni, I know how hard you worked to get this for us!

  8. 2150  

    whoa! that's so cool. i've still never been to the empire state building but maybe this will finally be a good reason to!

  9. ...  

    I don't think it requires too much much negotiating--I'm pretty sure they're always looking for high profile excuses to play with the new light system.

  10. sweet  

    That's kind of awesome. I hope that they continue it...

  11. YES

    So awesome! Just wish I could be in the city to see it...

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