Don’t Let the Door Hit You

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Seniors rolling out of exams and into Senior Week without a care in the world stumbled suddenly on Friday when they found out their ID cards had been deactivated.

Even the cards of RAs weren’t working, and students moving out with parents in tow tried to explain, to irrationally adamant security guards, that they had lived in East Campus, or Ruggles, or wherever, for this entire year. Said one guard to one resident, “You do not live in EC. This card says you do not live here.”

Seniors were directed to Hartley, where their cards were supposedly reactivated. But as of last night, at least in East Campus, these same reactivated cards were once again not functional. It’s back to Hartley, for hopefully the last time. Columbia, can’t you cut us a break? We promise we won’t bother you again.

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  1. I'm so  

    I'm so fucking outta here.

  2. NOT fun  

    what REALLY sucked was coming home drunk only to realize that our keys didnt work and having to trudge over to hartley in the rain at 4am. fuck giving money to this school.

  3. and yes  

    i'm serious that this actually convinces me never to give columbia any money. this was supposed to be our week of fun, and they pull something like this?

    also, on a different note (directed at SWO9) - the cruise was shit. first of all, open bar means open bar, not just wine and beer (false advertising is NOT the way to go). also, we literally were moving on the water for 45 minutes, and just went to the statue of liberty and back, which is really silly. finally, just because we left 30 minutes late - because the line was moving so slow, ie. the company's fault - does not mean that they can cut are time on the boat).

    pfff ridiculous.

    • financial aid fan  

      As a senior who plans to try to repay my financial aid in full if I ever am able to do so, I'd like to say what I always do to someone who doesn't want to donate: consider giving money only to financial aid. General administrative expenses might or might not be worthwhile, your experience might or might not have been entirely pleasurable, but undeniably giving someone the opportunity to come here and actually get something out of it (potentially more than you did) is worthwhile.

      And yes, I thought the cruise sucked too...lame music, too many desperate Barnard girls in too many too-thin dresses, not enough booze, and the ridiculous line and boat ride itself. The only good part was when they played "I'm on a boat" for 5 minutes.

      • ahem  

        *by too-thin, I mean the dresses, not the girls.

      • shut the fuck up  

        your barnard hate is so immature and reveals your own insecurities. there weren't any girls who stuck out as being dressed poorly. sounds like you haven't been laid in all of college.

        • Why?  

          Why to people (i.e. Barnard females) always assume that Barnard-hate is coming from desperate, under-sexed, CU guys. There are CC girls who object to Barnard on purely ideological grounds. Some of us real feminists out there see all women's education (and the associated too thin, tacky dresses) as distinctly anti-feminist.

          • thank you  

            for saying exactly what this CC female wanted to say. Just as Barnard girls cry out against the "stereotyping and one-sided attacks," (the classic complaint) they shouldn't return with their own stereotyped and one-sided conception of the person who uttered the remarks. Barnard, it's not always CC men; sometimes it's CC women who are just tired of your preening displays, perversion of feminism, and destruction of the public conception of a Columbia female.

          • agreed.

            There is a legitimate difference between feminism and that silly, paltry "strong, beautiful" bullshit the Barnard community spits out. There is nothing "strong, beautiful" about being scraped off the floor of Pike. Not to say this hasn't happened to Columbia girls (or guys for that matter)! Many women in the Columbia community put themselves out there for the male gaze, whether it be wearing "thin dresses" and make-up or getting shit faced at every joint on frat row. But I've seen way more Barnard women get indignant about gender relations and stereotypes than women in CC/Seas. There just seems to be way less hypocrisy on the side of Columbia girls in general.

      • Seriously?

        You sounded intelligent until your second paragraph.

        You're going to graduate in a few days, yet you're still immature enough to criticize Barnard like some freshman who's trying sound cool? Forget about insulting them, you just made yourself sound pathetic...

  4. and by "are"  

    i meant "our"

    • i think he is still drunk

      3 comments in a row?

      Sorry you had a bad experience, welcome to the real world - its full of having to call up your super at 3am cause you broke your key, having your bills not get processed and arguing for 2hrs about a computer error.

      If this is a reason not to give to Columbia, congratulations on your logical skills. If Columbia was so horrible to you such that it didn't provide you a good education and networking opportunities, okay fine. But they are so few schools that give equal or better than here. And then the final thought, what about kids coming in after you, don't you wan to give them something? Or is your frat ass too bothered to consider legacy/history.

      I hope you learn how to operate in the world without training wheels. Massive DB alert.

  5. DHI  

    I think the difference is that your super won't ask you to donate money after you've already paid your rent.

  6. what the hell  

    my id lets me swipe into every building except the one i live in.

  7. my id doesn't work

    so i'm all ego and superego.

  8. when

    when are grades due??

  9. yeah

    because we're all so mature here :)

  10. Poop  

    This is really anniyibv but I'm good at it!

  11. They  

    also deactivated all other peoples ID's who had extended housing, i.e. all athletes that are still on campus.

  12. fucking

    security guards. they are so fucking anal about everything.

  13. rising sophomore

    I almost couldn't get back into Hartley after breakfast on Saturday because my card indicated I don't live there. I was able to go into several other buildings without a problem, though.

  14. thought  

    maybe if people gave more money, the ID system wouldn't break down?

  15. wow  

    this was the bitchiest series of comments i've ever seen. thanks for coming out guys! everyone go home now!

  16. actually  

    most of all it's CC women who hate Barnard girls because they see them as inferior yet receiving the same diploma, unfairly.

    • i don't

      understand why it's "unfair." fine, barnard has different admissions standards than columbia, just based on paper. but people in CC act like barnard is a community college or something. barnard gets to let in a few more people with lower GPA's because less people apply. that doesn't mean that people with high GPAs and SATs don't make up a huge part of the student body. we all know what you did in high school means nothing after you leave it. hence the reason no one discusses SAT scores after senior year unless you're a huge d-bag.

      we take classes with the same professors, our grades mean just as much as yours. i would think it would be considered more "unfair" for a CC student with a

  17. Here's a BC lady

    who determinedly rails against BC's tired, second-wave feminism. Fuck the lie of binary gender, and the 'terrible oppression' of economically secure white women. Barnard needs a pair of balls attached to its women's studies department, gender studies is the way to go. Wear a fucking t-shirt, ladies.

    That said, a fine fuck you to the insecure CC douchebags, male and female alike, who feel the need to collectively identify all BC women with the more embarrassing members of our community. Your worst is no better.

    • #12  

      Fair enough, BC lady. It just so happened that your worst (and our worst) came together on the 'booze' cruise Saturday night. I didn't mean to imply that you were all like that, otherwise maybe donating money here wouldn't be such a good idea after all.

      • is the...  

        ... implication here that anyone who was wearing a dress and heels at the boat cruise is somehow a regressive antifeminist and the worst thing that these colleges respectively have to offer?

        i guess i'm a disgrace to this university because i was willing to try and have fun, even in the face of such horrific injustices like (gasp!) no liquor, without even considering that my choice of attire and having the audacity to dance was somehow a personal statement on gender roles in one way or another.

        women who think the only way to be feminist is to wear a tshirt are no better than women who think the only way to be feminist is to reclaim the right to wear a revealing dress. why not just be secure enough in your status as a woman/man to let other women dress as they choose, without the fear of incurring the wrath of judgmental people who purport to be liberal and open-minded but are constantly projecting their rigid value structures on strangers around them? i bet modern women would have much more confidence if they didn't feel like they still had to situate themselves on the 'right' side of the antiquated madonna/whore binary.

        i thought everyone on the boat cruise looked beautiful, and like they were enjoying their final days at this incredible institution with at least some of their friends. how very regressive indeed.

  18. So...

    basically there's no difference between CC and Barnard, is what you're saying. Uh huh.

  19. god bless

    DHI. Fucking Brilliant.

    Reminder to all the critics of people who (usually justifiably) whine on bwog - this ISN'T the real world. This is *supposed* to be a bubble. Or did you not get that memo? This incident wouldn't be viewed as so egregious if it wasn't such a fitting culmination to four years of active abuse of students.

    That being said, I'm with #12.

  20. why

    why are there so many barnard students on a columbia blog??? random....

  21. less than symbol

    makes stuff HTML code, even if you put it in quotes. bwog's fault, not mine.

  22. :-D HAHA

    I'm laughing at all of you. yous all so silly. :-p

  23. all's well  

    let's put our differences aside and just celebrate the fact that we've graduated! Congrats to everyone — CC, SEAS, GS, Barnard, and all others!

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