1. sniff

    goodbye class of 09. we love you, you are all awesome!

  2. this is just

    CC '09. SEAS was yesterday!

  3. MHer

    Bwog why no comments about the SEAS, Barnard, or GS Class Days?

  4. cc10

    scary. the real world just keeps getting closer and closer.

  5. CC Class Day  

    How was Holder? got there a little bit late

    • holy crap  

      Holder was amazing. Witty, not too lengthy, not at all dry, meaningful. I wish he was my uncle. Or I guess I can settle for him being my Attorney General.

  6. lighten the mood?

    at least they weren't wearing waterboards

  7. you

    should of covered the other class days too! columbia is NOT just CC!!!

  8. well i'm  

    sure they'll be covering everyone tomorrow.

    my guess, bwog was partying way too late sunday night to get out of bed early enough for SEAS graduation. I just barely caught the end of Barnard's

  9. Barnard Class Day  

    No one's speech can compare to Sarah Besnoff's, not even Hillary Clinton or Eric Holder.

  10. barnard

    is part of columbia

  11. EAL  

    Excellent job by Eric Holder. Thanks for speaking, Mr. A.G.!

  12. CC09  

    Even if I hadn't done CUE, I would have thought Sarah Besnoff made the best speech. Congratulations Sarah, and let me know when I can make a campaign donation!

  13. Holder  

    was awesome, and I'm glad he stayed through the end, shook hands with all the graduates, and didn't bolt immediately like HRC.

  14. How many  

    times has this argument happened?

    Seriously, if ask a hundred different people about BC's place in the University, you'll get a hundred different answers. It's been this way since 1900. Just accept it and move on--chances are, it isn't actually impacting your life in any way, except that it allows you to eat flatbread pizza at Hewitt instead of John Jay's mystery meat.

    • Anyway,

      I'm not one to usually indulge in the game of self-flattery on the grounds of membership in CC, and I like the fact that an undergraduate education at Columbia University is not the sole reserve of the usual CC student, and I think it should remain that way. I should also say that I think there are many things about the way that BC is run that one particular school on the other side of Broadway should take a close look at... But the reasons why many students object to the frequent expropriation of the "Columbia" name by Barnard are very obvious, and justifiable.

      • SEAS  

        kids are smarter anyway.


        engineering: hard.
        economics: hahaha

        • actually  

          I found it easier to get A+'s in Engg than in Econ.

          • Seriously?

            Do you really think that is true? Seeing as like 20% of engineers minor in Econ, we're all pretty well informed on this topic and engineering classes almost across the board are harder than Econ classes.

          • DHI  

            I am sure that many people from one group of people will be smarter than many people from another group of people, but on the other hand many people from the other group will be smarter than many people from one group.

        • are they?  

          Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Math are all in CC. Not to mention the fact that getting into Columbia stating your intent to pursue Econ will instantly get you into a much more competitive pool than if you apply to SEAS. The top kids in Econ are world beaters, as evidenced by the fact that so many of the last few valedictorians/salutatorians, PBKs and Rhodes/Marshall scholars are in part-Econ majors (as opposed to other humanities). Besides, where are all the famous and accomplished SEAS alums?

          • many

            seas alum are accomplished, few as famous. don't trash with such sweeping vanity. when was the last time you met your subway architect, atomic bomb builder, inventor of radio, founder of IBM, CEO's of citibank, xerox, boeing-IDS, nobel prize winner merton, not to mention the PLETHORA of other jobs that engineers do to support your sorry bum!

            honestly what do YOU want to do with your humanities degree? and why is it so much more important than learning about environmental sustainability, modeling financial crisis, learning to apply math to water problems, building green cars, creating nanoparticles to mend your body...

            one of the many things that I have found intolerable at Columbia during my years is the utter disdain and lack of appreciation of those engineers who have put SWEAT and ENERGY into the pursuit of a strong engineering education. it is an education meant to save you, and our future. it is an education that our nation and globe needs. i have a hint that it is people like you, and your vain self-congratulation by CC kids who are falsely entitled, that have made our own CC alum, Obama disregard this school so. Just chase your menagerie and your ivory tower so that the rest of us "lowlies" can have at your scraps. take THAT foie gras and eat it (forcibly).

            p.s. if you laugh, i suppose screw you too.

  15. columbia

    sux jk it's alright

  16. '09  

    everyone really needs to just chill the hell out.

  17. congrats!  

    Congrats to all the graduates!

    However, I must say something that has really been bothering me. People need to wear their mortar boards FLAT on their heads. I think people push them back, until they are practically vertical, because they think that looks better or they don't want to mess up their hair. The right way to wear them is flat on your head, and it looks SO strange to push them back!

  18. again

    read: all the Math, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology majors are in CC, and it is a hell of a lot harder to get into CC than it is to SEAS. So it's just as likely that CC majors are doing all those things you said than SEAS kids, if not more likely.

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