1. ugh

    This is terrible even by Temple standards.

  2. temple

    temple? barnard? why is bwog posting so many irrelevant stories?

  3. err

    was this supposed to be funny?

  4. temple

    is relevant because they made a vid about hawkma

  5. chillax guys..

    1) 80's Workout montage for the win.

    2) Never been to Temple...Didn't know it was to the Philly hipster scene as NYU is to the NYC one...

    3) I thought this movie was hilarious (most of it). Smoke some weed and chill.

  6. whoa...

    look at these fucking hipsters!! the make terrible videos!

  7. alternate suggestion

    Let's make love and listen to death from above, instead of watching this lame video.

  8. Anonymous

    haha, this is awesome.

  9. you

    call these hipsters?

  10. hawkma  

    the hawk is not in philly. I just saw him out my 15th floor EC window, flying below me. He was leaving Morningside Park, heading north over Morningside Drive.

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