1. anonymous

    Extremely insensitive bwog. My house elf died of that.

  2. Cody Brown


    Sometimes you make me so happy.

  3. so...

    you're saying that there is a naked wizard somewhere on this planet?

  4. this is

    really, really stupid. harry potter is a book... this post suggests that people are able to apparate in REAL LIFE too. what the fuck! how stupid are people these days? did you even graduate from columbia? why is everyone taking this post seriously? harry potter is BOOK, people! holy shit i am surrounded by fucking idiots.

  5. my love for harry potter

    is so very great. so so very great that it cannot be denied. not even by you, mr. sarcastic no. 7. not even by you.

    fight the hataz, bwog!

  6. this makes me...

    homesick for Columbia, except for the home cooking part of being, well, at home. John Jay is in desperate need of house elves to improve the quality, but we're too PC for that.

    good job, bwog.

  7. Graduate

    I apparate just fine, thank you.

  8. Sadest Part

    Harry Potter is not in any way original. Nor is it even the best children's book on wizards and the like.

    Your gowns don't look like Harry Potter robes, you asses. Harry Potter robes look like gowns.

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