Free Food: National Doughnut Day!

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It may be summer, but the hunt for truth, justice, and free food never ceases. Today, we have a free food opportunity for much of the United States: Krispy Kreme and Dunkin’ Donuts are celebrating National Doughnut Day with a free doughnut for every customer. And that’s delicious.

One minor catch: Dunkin’ Donuts requires a purchase of a beverage for your free doughnut. Just another reason why Krispy Kreme is better (yeah, we said it).

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  1. these are not donuts

    these are round shaped cardboard pieces with sugar on them.

    celebrating donut day with krispy kreme or dunkin donuts is like celebrating christmas with wrapped boxes full of missed childhoods and despair.

  2. except

    that Krispy Kreme doughnuts are revolting little ghosts of heart-attacks-to-be.

  3. small pee pee

    DD released a new line of donuts that you can roll down your pee pee. it's called the condonut. great tasting, but unfortunately, they have major side-effects. just ask #2.

  4. krispy kreme  

    is awesome
    freak all you haters

  5. Anonymous

    I always liked Dunkin' Donuts better

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