Run, Run As Fast As You Can (Across Europe)

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What are your travel plans for the summer? All proud of the money you saved to travel to the country/continent of your dreams? Well, Ryan Johns CC ’09 will see your trip and raise you: he’s traveling across Europe, and staying in shape!

Yes, Johns, a former cross country team member, is running across Europe.”I intend to average about 20 miles a day,” he says on the trip’s website. “As a collegiate runner, I find myself frequently running around a hundred miles a week…yet every morning I wake up in the same place. I want to try running something other than loops for a while. I like to travel, why not put this free transportation to some good?” A wonderfully logical answer.

Johns will return to hitting the books (grad school in architecture) next year; in the meantime, you can follow his trip on his blog, which appears to be updated almost daily, and covers such important topics as shin splints and trespassing brewery grounds (photo from Johns’s Flickr photostream).


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  1. forster

    I've been following his blog since he started; it's pretty interesting! way to go Ryan!

  2. inspired

    This is so awesome. Maybe I should join and skateboard across Europe.

  3. CC '09

    no idea who this guy is... but good for him. though i feel like it might be a challenge to find lodging every 20 miles along a route through Europe...

    anyway, good luck to him.

  4. Just Curious

    What does he do with his stuff? Does he run with a backpack???

    • Answer

      Yup, he's hauling his stuff on his back.

      "Generally, people who do very long distance (many week) runs do it with a support crew, or in some cases, push their things in a baby stroller. I intend to carry everything on my back, which means that I need to travel very light. Added weight makes running very difficult, so I’m streamlining everything and cutting off anything that I don’t need. I will have: running shoes, a backpack, 2 pairs of running shorts, 2 lightweight t-shirts, light windbreaker jacket and pants, 3 pairs of socks, cellphone and charger, passport, space blanket, credit card, toothbrush and disposable razor with sawed off handles, toothpaste and deodorant."

      • yeah

        bring two things of deoderant

        • this dude is badASS

          Well, not many folks will notice his B.O. in Europe - and no that's not a stereotype.
          While I only run when being chased, in all seriousness, next summer this guy will probably figure out a way to generate electricity via his legs when running across Asia. Good lord my life is worthless. GoRyan, Go.

  5. this

    is really neat. looking forward to checking out his blog.

  6. Anonymous

    that's so freaking bad ass.

  7. WOW

    we have our very own Forest Gump! so awesome

  8. man

    I am so jealous / proud / humbled... good luck to you in your travels and I'm sorry I didn't meet you during your time at Columbia

  9. !!!

    ryan is absolutely amazing! a really great kid who's also kinda nuts, but in a fantastic kinda way

  10. Anonymous

    haha, where is all of his traveling stuff? does he carry it with him?

  11. uhhh

    amit you didnt even graduate from columbia. why are you posting on bwog

  12. Carina


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