The Neighborhood Loses A Pot Dealer

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We’re a week behind on this one, but we hope that the hippies among our readers will appreciate the news nonetheless (and that everyone else will be amused). Last Tuesday, the Daily News reported that a “aging hippie with tenuous ties to Columbia University” was arrested on drug selling charges the day before.

49-year-old William Delp “is accused of selling undercover narcotics detectives LSD, Ecstasy and pot, sources said. He was charged with drug sale and possession….Delp is listed as a casual employee at Columbia University’s Visual Arts Division, where he was an artists’ model, but never an instructor, sources said.” Columbia is refusing to comment, citing the “ongoing” investigation.

Of course, no tale of a neighborhood dealer would be complete without the disbelieving neighbor.”I’m totally shocked,” his neighbor Jonathan Perez, 27, told the Daily News. Then again, it’s also true that “he was always a pretty cool guy. He’d always give the peace sign.” Mr. Perez, we’re not children of the 60s either, but…c’mon.

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  1. lol

    man what an ass-id. i hope they are able to weed out more criminals like this. that would leave me in pure ecstasy.

  2. 2150

    ah shucks this is a bummer for all the people that just wanted to buy pot from him!

  3. man

    LSD dealers are hard to find.

  4. AWWww FUCK!

    *sob* *sob*

    Now we have to buy from shady ethnic people.

  5. the homies

    RIP homie... Los, here I come!

  6. Yes, yes, a pun.

    Free Bill!

  7. Really...

    Is it that hard to find a drug dealer in Harlem?

  8. huff

    how many of those plainclothed officers are also art models EH!?? HUH?!?!

  9. Time...

    It's way overdue that this country legalizes marijuana.

  10. gucci mane

    all white bricks

  11. Da Snowman

    No mo' whitegirl :(

  12. Ricardo Rene Riviera, RN

    Another dangerous criminal locked up for the safety of the discerning masses. Cue sigh of relief as mother lay gaze upon cherub cheek of child, victorious ticker tape parade.

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