Hermione to Columbia? (UPDATED)

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JustJared claims to have uncovered proof that Emma Watson, aka Hermione Granger/face of Burberry, will be attending Columbia University. This follows rumors linking the actress to Yale, Harvard, and Brown, but, using knowledge of Ms. Watson’s many other names (“her birth name is Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson”), they say that the directory entry at right corresponds to her.

We know what you’re thinking: “The School of Continuing Education? That’s not an undergraduate college!” Well, yes and no: the School of Continuing Education (the youngest of Columbia’s schools) does not offer any undergraduate degrees. It is, however, open to non-matriculated students, including students who want to take classes between high school and the start of college; these students can effectively take whatever courses they want while enrolled. If this is Watson’s entry, though, she would have to enter another school to get a degree. Somehow, though, we doubt this “degree” issue would prevent Wikipedia users from claiming her for Columbia.

UPDATE: A commenter points out that there is already a Charlotte Watson on LinkedIn who is enrolled at the School for Continuing Education. Sigh.

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  1. I officially  

    call shotgun! Who wants to wingman?

  2. Class of '09 Guy

    You have to be fucking kidding me....

  3. I Don't Buy It

    Charlotte E Watson is not an uncommon name, and the link is tenuous at best. I hope I'm wrong, but I'm not holding my breath.

  4. muggle

    makes sense, given how much stronger columbia's potions and astronomy departments are than yale's or brown's.

  5. snoop  

    This isn't her.

    The Charlotte Watson in the directory is most likely this person.

    If you click through to the full profile you'll see that she's a Columbia student in a "Strategic Communications" certificate program.

    There happens to be such a program in the school of continuing ed.

  6. Hmm...

    I thought she was planning on attending Cambridge?

  7. lol..

    my friends at brown know shes attending brown. her ex bf or something or other goes there...and my friends think thats why shes going to brown

    just passing on what i know

  8. PerezHilton  

    Is also reporting that she's attending Columbia. http://perezhilton.com/

  9. it's real

    perez hilton declared who a columbian under the name charlotte e watson

  10. she is coming!!!

    According to perezhilton.com, Watson is indeed attending CU in the fall!!!!

  11. 2012er

    Perhaps someone could figure out which school at Columbia the Charlotte Watson character from this link: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/charlotte-watson/6/18b/7a8 attended.

    That could get us somewhere in figuring out whether this is real or not.

  12. yeah

    I really don't understand why you people care.

  13. Original commenter  

    *Sees updated news...cries...*

  14. 2150

    this would be so cool!!

  15. Anonymous

    She's going to Brown, suckers.

  16. Man

    This news traveled FAST. It was mentioned on the front page of thelondonpaper...while I doubt it's true, still made me happy to see Columbia's name all over the tube.

  17. First

    I'm the first to say: who the fuck cares
    -from Muggle

  18. even

    if she were going to come to Columbia, I doubt her name would be in the online directory. It's really not hard to remove yourself from, and any celebrity would be a fool to leave themselves there. Just imagine the flood of emails they'd constantly get.

    Just saying.

  19. ahhh!  


  20. just to add to the gossip

    I don't think she's a school of continuing education student if she does go to columbia because if you look at her article on teenvogue.com she talks about how she's going to do college right--live with a roommate and everything. She would probably attend a regular program at any of the colleges she would attend. Also, somewhere said that she probably wouldn't go to school in England because the paparazzi stalks her too much, that's why she would choose the US

  21. Hey Bwog, here's an idea

    Get confirmation on stories? Columbia administrators have cell phones... and e-mail... and regular phones... and offices on campus..........

  22. justgraduated

    you have to be kidding me

  23. URGH.


    She's going to Brown- get your heads outta your asses and deal with it already. Damn.

  24. Anonymous

    Bwog, this entry (but probably JustJared's moreso) is confusing a lot of gulibble internet idiots.

  25. D. Michael Padilla

    This is so nerve-wracking. I updated my status under the presumption that I would be going to school with her next year. This needs to be true. For my personal health.

    Pray for me.

    Visit RECENT UGLINESS: padilldm.blogspot.com

  26. the paps

    wasn't the point of her coming stateside to escape the paparazzi cuz it's so bad in london. come on the paps are awful in nyc, why would she ever choose a school where there is an equal number of giant rats as there are paparazzi. Where if she went to a school like brown she would only have to deal with her eager classmate's cell phones. But not to say I wouldn't want her here, I'm sure she's a great person.

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