The Emma Watson Rumors Don’t Stop

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The Hermione-to-Columbia rumor machine continues to be more active than anything ESPN Insider has to offer (yes, that was a sports reference – just move along). Previous rumors (which we and our commenters were skeptical of) were based an entry in the Columbia University directory, but now British tabloid The Daily Mail is reporting that, in the August issue of Elle, Watson confirms that she will be headed to Morningside in September.

Unfortunately, the article, in typical British tabloid tabloid fashion, doesn’t actually quote any excerpts saying she’s definitely coming, and quick check of the local magazine racks turned up no copies of the Elle issue in question. But fans may continue to live in hope.

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  1. Not true?

    I looked at relevant parts from the issue (which I found scans of online...), and found a total of zero Columbia references.

    Seems, however, that she's interested in the United States. I think it's this aversion to being in the spotlight all the time or paparazzi and whatnot. So I guess there's still a chance.

    I love being an investigative reporter type. Yay me.

  2. Class of '09 Guy


  3. the quote

    "The 19-year-old is busy preparing for the end of the Harry Potter franchise and her start at U.S. university Columbia in September."


  4. this

    this whole business is really boring.

  5. Anonymous

    She's going to Brown. She confirmed to a French magazine, with quote. She was actually in the directory weeks ago before pulling herself off it. These attempts at journalism are just the print media's week late issuance of false internet rumors.

  6. Well,

    in any case, I don't think that the risque look pictured above works very well for her at all.

  7. Yeah,

    she's definitely going to Brown, not Columbia. I've read it in several British newspapers far more reputable than the Daily Mail, (which is like the New York Post for those not from the UK). Also, that Chanel bustier segments her body, making her look like an insect complete with head, thorax and abdomen. Pity.

  8. Not Chanel?

    But Gucci me thinks. Either way, she has a brilliant publicist worth every penny. Uncertainty = increased press to stay her during a hiatus.

  9. Meh

    Given how people stalk James Franco I don't know why anyone famous would want to come to Columbia. I'd imagine Brown would make it a lot easier for her to blend into the background and have a 'normal' college experience, esp since Columbia cannot be considered a typical undergrad experience even when not famous.

  10. i like sportz

    love sports references

  11. Random, but

    the little exclamation marks next to the login/password boxes on SSOL are no longer red, but green! My summer needs more spice.

  12. Anonymous

    I used to have an insider subscription =P

  13. Londoner

    I've seen in the London morning newspaper Metro that she's going to Columbia, for what it's worth.

    The Mail is a right-wing, anti-immigrant rag, generally. It likes to blame everything on Gypsies.

  14. whooaoaaaaaaa

    the SSOL exclamations are green!!

    guess the administrators are having trouble developing new ways to make the campus green.

  15. 5 bucks says

    That once she deals with Facilities, she'll give up on SPEW.

  16. idunno

    i don't think columbia students have been bad with the stalking...(shrug)

  17. oh come on!

    People saying our campus went "crazy" over stalking Franco are just being ridiculous. Sure, there was one case when he was basically bum rushed in Butler... but other than that its all been whisperings. Stop being pretentious and acting like getting excited about celebrities is SO uncool.

    Anyhoo, I'm done speculating on the whole Emma rumor. I really do believe she's going to Brown, based on little tidbits from people here and there, but I hold out hope that Miss Hermione Granger will indeed be joining us this fall.

    • It is "uncool"

      juvenile, annoying, ridiculous.

      Franco was/is a grad student barely present at the school and people were going insane with the "whispering" as you call it.

      Imagine the situation with a cute undergrad girl permanently living on campus. An open campus with people from around NY now considering it an attraction. This is what happens.

      How about you grow up and stop Twilighting over "Hermione" like a chubby 14-year-old. You're an adult for fuck's sake.

  18. CU is celeb friendly

    I dunno, Columbia does get a lot of celebrities- Chelsea Clinton and Christy Turlington are students now on the med campus- Alicia Keys spent a few weeks as a freshman before leaving (not well known back then), Julia Stiles, Anna Paquin, both Gyllenhaals (somewhat established indie actors at that point) and of course Rider Strong... then there's Casey Affleck, Amanda Peet, Matthew Fox etc. who made it big after school...

    • agreed

      i remember seeing spike lee when he was taking some class in hamilton and no one even noticed him. i think that columbia would be the school that would be the least likely to be "omg, a celebrity." i've honestly lost track of all the celebrities sightings i've had. though my favorite is jon lithgow in the magazine section at barnes and nobles.

    • Julia stiles

      didn't think the campus was very celeb-friendly

  19. Well

    According to Daniel Radcliffe, she's going to Brown


    I'm assuming he would know

  20. Riven

    According to a serious german news website she is going to columbia in the fall

  21. I'm calling it........

    She definitely is coming to Columbia. Too many media outlets have rumored that it is to be so. So I'm calling it.....why oh why did I graduate in 2009?

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