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The “will-she-or-won’t-she?” over Emma Watson’s possible matriculation at Columbia continues, much to our tipsters’ agony. Last week, co-star Daniel Radcliffe appeared to let the secret out when he told the Guardian “she’s going to Brown!” However, other gossip blogs, despite access to Google News, continue to assert that she will be coming to New York rather than Providence, including WENN.com and, uh, Perez Hilton. Since an official announcement has to come soon (and since her co-star is a bit more reliable than a doodling hack), this might be our only chance to use our special logo (which is purposefully in no way over-the-top).

Some alumni are registering their displeasure over Joseph Massad’s new tenure appointment…to the New York Post, of course.

The man arrested for defrauding Columbia of almost $200,000 — and later tried to claim sexual harassment as an excuse — was sentenced to fifteen months in prison.

Finally, the Wall Street Journal shares the heartwarming tale of a journalism school student/Iraq War veteran, Luis Montalvan, and his psychiatric help dog. Save it for a rainy day.

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  1. on the edge of my seat

    I really can't take the suspense any more. is this really a contest? New York vs. Rhode Island? Our stunning students vs. those schmucks at Brown?

    We can only hope reason will prevail.

  2. everyone knows

    college is for ass-clowns

  3. Well...

    the producer of all the HP films said she's going to Brown. And anyway...she says she just wants to be normal for a while - why would she come to NYC of all places??

  4. i don't care

    where Hermione goes, as long as I can go to Hogwarts.

  5. Anonymous

    cares about where she is going? She's probably just going to drop out after a semester anyways, and everybody's assuming that they'll become best friends with her.

  6. the comments from

    perez hilton's site are hilarious in their stupidity. best one:

    "columbia ha??? where would she go? to a tiny unknown miserable village school?!?!?!?!? hellooo???"

  7. 2150  

    hahhaha funny logo!!

  8. let's ask

    Stefan Vincenzo. Seems like the kind of thing he'd know.

  9. people  

    perez hilton is usually right about celebrity gossip. furthermore, emma specifically stated she would want privacy on this so that she can be a "normal student". Dumb harry potter actor leaking that she is going to brown is ONLY misdirection, she def is coming to columbia. Watch the movie Swordfish

  10. Who fucking

    gives a shit if she comes or not. I swear to god if i have to hear another kid talking about seeing a franco or now watson in butler i'll...uh probably just do another line of cocaine. but really how bad must your life suck if you actually care about bs celebrities.

    Plus radcliffe you idiot, who in their right mind would ever go to Brown

    • considering

      the number of magazines, blogs, and even entire channels devoted to celebrity gossip and goings on, it really shouldn't be that surprising that people here are interested too. It's relatively natural.

      • people

        care about celebrities because it allows them to forget about how much their lives suck and fantasize about how they would like to live. Its essentially social masturbation. which i guess is kind of natural but i'd still prefer if you did it in private and not on bwog.

  11. Bwog...

    can you guys not do this? It's pretty obnoxious.


  12. Seriously,

    nobody likes a buzzkill.

  13. yeah,  

    this is ridiculous. I really don't think it's natural for people to care this much, but rather we're just force fed this kind of celebrity gossip when we want to read about other going-ons around campus and the city by reading sites like bwog.

  14. Anonymous  

    Given that Perez pronounced Michael Jackson dead before anyone had called the police, I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt. Plus, I need something to believe in this summer ever since my mood ring broke.

  15. emma update

    Emma Watson is hoping her college roommate isn't a Harry Potter fan.

    The 19-year-old begins studying art and literature at Columbia University in New York in September and was asked at a Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince press conference what her ideal roommate would be like.

  16. Edward James Homeless

    Just remember this one thing: No matter where she goes, she's not going to be sleeping with any of y'all.

  17. Anonymous

    im friends with her ex boyfriend, also a brown student, and shes definitely going there

    and if that isnt enough, i just talked to my friend two nights ago who also coincidentally knows her and he also says she going brown... not columbia, sorry people

  18. Guess what

    i saw the new harry potter last night in Boston. That's right, special screening, a day before it was released in the states.

    Eat that.

  19. yeah

    I am really, really sick of this. I can't believe so many people on our campus give a shit about celebrity gossip. It's so depressing. Wake up.

  20. Harry Potter  


  21. yay hermione

    boo david yates.

  22. yay hermione

    boo david yates.






  25. DEF Brown...  

    But I heard that BROWN is going to be MATRICULATING at COLUMBIA!ZZZZ

  26. It's A Trap!

    She is obviously saying that she is going to Brown so that she can go to Columbia and not have everyone be expecting her when she gets there. Best way to avoid the paparazzi is to send them off to fucking P-Town while she arrives in style and anonymity in Morningside Heights. Hope she's in Carman! I know she's a party girl.

  27. haha

    Columbia just got OWNED.

  28. obv she'd go to brown

    i regret not going to brown over this shithole of a school

    so, if i were her
    i would go to brown too

  29. If I were her...  

    I'd go to Barnard.

  30. ......

    and the comments end there...

  31. ugh emma's not coming

    She's not coming to Columbia urghhhh *cries*. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KDuGRvLQFJ4

    Go watch the last 30 ish seconds... The interviewer is like "Coming to school in NYC?" and she's like "um no.... oops I keep tripping and giving out hints."

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