1. Anonymous  

    C'mon this guy looks legit.

  2. haha

    This post just made my day/night

  3. yes

    for the past three years on campus, I've seen trucks which have said Harvard as well as trucks which say Yale. One of them, I think Yale, is a lock company of some sort.

  4. don't worry

    Our mole, Columbia Sportswear is in deep up in Cambridge. Waiting for the signal...

  5. Cassandra

    Fools, you know what you do. Burn it. Burn it now.

  6. Cassandra

    Fools, you know not what you do. Burn it. Burn it now.

  7. ...

    As much as I hate to admit it, Harvard's Metal, Marble and Wood division *is* the best in the country...

  8. 122222222222

    Bestest tag.

  9. Security

    Caught napping. Security breach.

  10. I'm Old

    Previous BWOG editors made almost exactly the same post maybe 2 years ago. It was only moderately interesting then too.

  11. sigh

    is this not a columbia blog? it wasn't cassandra who warned against the trojan horse, it was laocoon.

    what a very harvard mistake to have made.

  12. Epeius

    Um, I clearly don't have anything to do with that vehicle.

  13. it's only fitting

    that Harvard does maintenance for Columbia

  14. Bhole

    This must be Harvard's classics departments suggestion :-)

  15. starlet sighting

    saw the GS real housewife near NYU's maison francais last night

  16. i wonder...

    if bwog realizes it already ran this story two years ago....

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