Columbia Grad/Google Engineer Recovering After Being Hit by 100 lb. Branch

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Columbia PhD graduate/ Google search engineer Sasha Blair-Goldensohn is making headlines all over the Big Apple as he recovers from being hit by a falling branch while in Central Park. Yesterday, according to the Daily News, “Blair-Goldensohn, 33, a Google engineer and father of two young children, was walking to work through the park Wednesday morning when a 100-pound limb broke off of a rotting tree and clubbed him on the head.” The tree limb had even punctured his lung, and Blair-Goldensohn was rushed to New York-Presbyterian in a coma.

Fortunately, after spending several hours, relatives (including J-School adjunct Gwenda Blair) say he is making a recovery, and responding to basic commands. We hope the story does have a happy ending.

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    • what?

      some guy almost died. who cares about glen beck or his daughter? get a life, you moron.

      • hey  

        I understand where you're coming from, but I don't think that #2 meant any disrespect to this man or his family. I personally wish them all the best, and hope that he is able to recover from this tragedy and resume his normal life.
        All the best to Sasha and his family in this very difficult time.

        That said, I too am interested in the Glenn Beck story, and the bwog comments are the best place to post something for public consumption in our community, so here's another nugget of the story: http://www.glennbeck.com/content/articles/article/198/8875/

        • wow

          just wow. Thanks for posting that link. How on earth could he mess up so many times in that article? "Course curriculum"? No founding fathers to be found? Good attention span, Becky boy. And what's up with his eyesight? How did he miss the multiple copies of the Bible, Federalist Papers, and other such texts near and dear to his heart at Butler?

          What. A. Joke.

  1. ...

    i hope he gets a big fat lawsuit check to punish the city for its negligence...

  2. awwwwwww

    his baby is SO CUTE!

  3. more observations  

    hapa baby?

  4. Hopefully

    this guy makes it through OK. I Either way, he is in for some SERIOUS $$$ from NYC. Unforeseeable danger due to negligence = big bucks.

  5. Beck beck beck

    There was Nicci who, of course, says God is dead and then there was the book called Toward a Feminist Theory of State which was -- you know, that's -- I mean, if you want to understand how to -- it's a page-turner. I just, I loved it.

    Nicci? Is he that famous Italian philosopher?

    Oh...You meant Nietzsche. I hope Beck's daughter has greater faith in spell check.

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