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Now that’s a rhyme. Really though, two items of interest to our Chosen friends have made it into the ol’ inbox (full disclosure: Bwog’s current editor is a Papist). First, the lost amongst you no longer have to rely on your wandering skills to find the nearest synagogue. Columbia students Ron Gejman and Jacob Andreas have created an app that tells you the nearest synagogue, and also lists other useful info like denomination, size, contact info, and so forth. On campus, they’re both CULPA admins, so you know the app will be quality.

On the other hand, if you’re just feeling peckish for some Flex-infused food, Student Services’s Michael Novielli announced earlier today that Cafe Nana (a Kosher restaurant on the second floor of the Hillel Kraft Center) will be accepting the world’s slowest credit card by the time students return in the fall. Ballin’.


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  1. not for orthodox

    iPhones aren't allowed on holidays or sabbath

  2. hahaha

    this post actually made me laugh out loud. thanks bwog

  3. does

    anyone know the charge for a john jay meal using dining dollars?

  4. Pork-eating jew says...

    I eat pork and it's awesome. Sorry mom.

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