The Blue and White Seeks Illustrators

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Say, do you have a fondness or aptitude for illustrating? The Blue and White is currently on the prowl for a new regime of talented artists.

Perks include an enormous amount of creative freedom, the opportunity to have your drawings seen by handfuls of people, and whatever free cookies and spirits we typically bring to meetings. Requirements: you should generally be relatively easy to get a hold of—either by email or the phone—and… that’s basically it.

Ping [email protected] if this sounds like you.

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  1. Loveit  

    I love being White.

  2. is cubmail

    down for others too?

  3. by the way

    anybody know when move in day is for returning students?

  4. can we get an update

    on the 13's? Any vincent stephanzos in the grade we should worry about or hopefully derive endless humor at their expense?

  5. Oh dear

    Can the new illustrator PLEASE be better than the one who drew Mark Bittman?

    The comments on that article are hilarious.

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