NSOP Coordinators Do Not Wear Booty Shorts

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Do you have what it takes to be an NSOP coordinator? Only if you can follow rules and procedures, as posted in the SGO. 


Several questions:

  •  “Be nice to gatekeepers” – who are these gatekeepers, and what magical land are they guarding?
  • “No skirts that Deans would not approve” – how does NSOP test this criteria?
  • “Underwear is not outerwear” – did someone forget that underwear goes inside the pants?

We hope these are sorted before Orientation.

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  1. nice

    Thanks a lot student affairs.

    Here's my memo to SDA:

    - Stop taking 3 days to look over an expense request to buy a pizza.
    - Stop constantly eating something while talking, Robert. It's not nice to chew with your mouth open.
    - Just because you were losers in college and ultimately were not able to get the jobs you wanted, please do not keep making it harder for us to drink in college.
    - Lose some weight
    - Employ some white, straight anglo-saxon protestant males: it's ridiculous how homogenously-OMA you are
    - Try turning into an organization that students actually like and find resourceful. Isn't that the point of Student affairs?
    - Don't ever forget who pays your salary, and who you ultimately work for. You work for us, not the other way round.

    hugs and kisses

    • Holy Douche, Batman

      "Don't forget who pays your salary"

      Your rich parents and/or the school's generous financing programs.


      • either way

        they work for us, not the other way round. If you actually talk to these people, they keep referring to student life fees as 'university money'. Basically, there is a culture where they feel the only stakeholder SDA/Student affairs is accountable to are their bosses in CC/SEAS.

  2. Finally

    Someone with the balls to say it...

    Too bad bwog commentors aren't willing to put their names out there.

  3. Anybody?

    Did anyone notice that there was an armed robbery at 125th and Amsterdam that resulted in a 72-year-old blowing away two robbers with a shotgun and injuring the other two? That's something the tour groups should probably know.

  4. hmmm  

    bwog: the 'gatekeepers' are the admins who wield sole control over something, such as robert taylor. he can single-handedly deny an event.

  5. GSer

    Let's just defund the student councils. They don't do anything with our money except spend it on themselves. Anyone see the cost of the last GSSC retreat? Like more than $7,000 spent on like ten useless people for a weekend at the beach! WOW.....

    • Nuriel Moghavem

      At least for CCSC/ESC, this year's retreat is going to be very minimal (i.e. going camping somewhere upstate).

      I got in this game this year to stop absurd things like super-expensive retreats and, to the best of my ability, I'm not going to allow any ridiculous CCSC spending this year.

      • please

        forget that, and just get SDA staff changed and drinking policy loosened. You guys waste too much time haggling on details /trying to work with student groups and governing boards instead of fixing the many day-to-day inconveniences that affect the larger CC student body

      • how about

        no retreat at all?

      • Here's An Idea

        Do some "team-building" in a Lerner office rather than blowing our money camping? I understand being on a student council is hard and all, and that something like 15% of the total student body actually voted for you, but you are not entitled to shit.

        Look at all the governing boards. What if the board of ABC decided to take $3,000 out of allocations and spend it on a "retreat"? There would be a fucking riot and I'm sure some "inquiry" by the student council.

        "I didn't vote for you so stop spending my money on your bullshit"

  6. common sense  

    because 'underwear is not outerwear' clearly refers to the fact that some people think it's fashionable to have their bra showing through a sheer shirt or their boxers hanging out...

    ps: is nothing else interesting going on that you have to report on nsop regulations?

  7. dana

    i am the gatekeeper. are you the keymaster?

  8. uh...

    c'mon folks. no columbia student has a body that can pull off booty shorts. these should be in university policy.

  9. haha

    you guys may all be prissy but i found this hilarious

  10. CCSC/ESC retreat

    cost over $100 last year per person (at least that's the fine Robyn B threatened some of the people with if they didn't go). There are over 30 members of ESC and CCSC each. So $3,000 was spent. Not bad.

  11. My math sucks...

    I meant $6000

  12. CCSC alum

    No disrespect, Nuriel, but the CCSC retreat has always been a minimal camping trip upstate. It has been that way since before you even attended Columbia.

    Don't pretend you are enacting "change" when in fact you are maintaining the status quo.

    • to be fair

      nobody will care about a retreat if CCSC actually does what most students want - fix the drinking policy, focus on the lack of customer service from student services (housing, dining, facilities) & SDA and just make columbia more livable on a day to day basis. However, it looks like it's going to be another year of dicking around student groups and governing boards, based on who's on CCSC. Just let groups and boards mind their own affairs and actually try to do something that affects all undergrads for a change

      • alum

        Agreed. And retreats are only useful for the 10 people that participate in student government. It's naive to think a happy/harmonious student council results in anything benefiting student body.
        A student council retreat is effectively a junket with no perks...even for the councilmembers, many of whom don't want to go either.

  13. woot

    Welcome to high school!

  14. and furthermore

    They don't need a retreat. Nobody over age 14 needs a "retreat" to learn how to do their job. NOBODY needs touchy-feely team bonding. Student government is accountable to the students, and the students don't want them wasting money like this.

  15. poor student council

    i went on a retreat once in high school. we had to write down the worst thing we'd ever done and then put it in the bonfire, but instead the principal read them all.

    bad news bears.

  16. Nuriel Moghavem  

    So I went through last year's records and what I thought seems to be confirmed: the retreat does not come out of student life fees (i.e. out of CCSC's budget). It most likely comes out of a leadership fund that SDA runs. I'll check with SDA on that and try to confirm it tomorrow.

    And is it just me or is "going on retreats" something that belongs on

  17. lolz

    hhahahaa no ratty flipflops

  18. umm

    esc and ccsc have ALWAYS gone camping upstate. so it's not really a change...

  19. ...

    Administrators' exceedingly low expectations of students, students managing to disappoint those expectations, unreasonable bureaucracies, seething hate... on Bwog, and debates about student government -- it's like a Columbia University fairytale!

  20. Get it straight

    Robert, Kevin, and everyone else work for Columbia, not for students. You're tripping or a moron if you think otherwise.

    • Wow

      you seem to have missed the point completely. Spend some time in Uris, as loathsome as it may be, and get some perspective. Ultimately, we are paying customers in this transaction, and outside the Columbia bubble they would be fired if their clients were treated the way they are.

      Unless of course you are Ty Gonzalez in which case it all makes sense.

  21. so classy

    please, talk to the media without consulting an admin? as if!

  22. Nuriel Moghavem  

    Confirmed: the retreat budget comes out of a leadership budget maintained by student affairs.

    • SEAS Senator

      Some math is needed to explain this.

      The Student Life budget allocated to the clubs is $814,058 (source: F@CU). The councils have the equivalent of about 2% of that for running study breaks etc so thats about $16,281.

      The Student Life fee charged to your tuition is $541 for SEAS. BC is a little less.

      There are 9807 Undergrads in GS, CC, SEAS, and BC. If you do the Club Money allocated / number of students you get that $83 of $541 is being allocated to clubs.

      Let's be real. The remaining $458 is per student is put into the Student Affairs Budget. It's a stand-alone office.

      So yes, that leadership budget STILL comes out of student money.

      I don't mean to question Nuriel. His efforts for transparency have been pretty good so far. I'm just stating some research that I found after 10 minutes of looking

  23. Who cares

    There have been at least 3 attacks around campus a week for the past month. CUEats is dead. There are no posts about 2013. Spectator has a terrible new website. And New York has had plenty of events this summer. But you post about this.

    Bwog, stop sucking as much as my summer in Reno.

  24. Puzzled GSer

    Someone named KATHERINE EDWARDS (who no one has ever heard of) who claims the be the incoming President of the GSSC (an election no one voted in), sent out a pathetic mass email today urging people to get involved in the GSSC. She listed a HUGE number of open spots -- including three that I recall having voted for last semester. Pathetic. More long and pointless GSSC mass e-mailings on things no one cares about.

    What will the SCANDAL OF THE YEAR this time, Ms. Edwards? Another President impeached? More mass resignations? More screwed up elections?

    I DO want my money back!

  25. Hi,  

    no one cares about gs

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