PrezBo Upgrades His Resume

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In these economic times, we all want to add that extra line to the CV. President Bollinger’s version of this appears to be upping his profile slightly at the New York Federal Reserve, where today he was named as deputy chair of its board of directors.

Bollinger has been a member of the New York Fed board since 2007, and he will be serving under Denis Hughes, who is also president of the New York chapter of the AFL-CIO. Bollinger is also on the board of several other prestigious companies, including the Washington Post Company and the Royal Shakespeare Company.

As for the why, Wall Street Journal deputy editor David Wessel called the Hughes and Bollinger appointments an “image change” for the New York Fed on his Twitter feed. Perhaps it’s the dashing hair?

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  1. hmmm

    As influential and baller is PrezBo is, he is not an economist. Why the appointment?

  2. thats

    disturbing. It's like Jeff Sachs being signed to the Yankees - he's a good guy and all, but wtf?

  3. Prezbo should  

    make it so all funds go to Columbia University.

  4. Idea!

    let's get a bowling alley in Lerner

  5. or, more conservatively,

    a pack of miniature horses to be stalled on the lawns and only dressed in tiny Columbia Blue saddles.

  6. why

    is that horse wearing tennis shoes?

  7. ...

    *please replace this token with a vitriolic comment of your choice*

  8. PrezBo

    with a joint. We all know he supports legalization of marijuana. Glad to see he likes to toke it too.

  9. dirty  

    Laundry now costs $1.25!!!

  10. Urgent!!!  

    Columbia doesn't make the top 25 in something ... (and we definitely should)

    ... not even an honorable mention, wtf

  11. oh man, Mothafukka!

    Please, post again to this thread! Your thoughts are quite elucidating. In fact, in simply glancing at this thread, I have had to change my pants several times from the massive love explosions I experienced.

  12. I meant Muthafucka

    I apologize, Mothafukka, for incorrectly addressing you. I meant to address Muthafucka instead.

  13. Dats

    muthafuckin right son!

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