1. i think that

    bwog needs a "like" button

  2. what kind of tool

    actually would know the real pronunciation of deiphobus?

  3. i love  

    the kids who take latin in high school and think they are all stars. reach for the stars kiddos!

  4. I hate feminist girl  

    Seriously, not everything is about how oppressed you are. I know orientation week is just freshman trying to jockey for position and establish who the most scornful and cynical among you is, but just say no to irrelevant bullshit.

  5. the iliad is  

    apparently homer was just some rapper,
    according to an intrigued student at our lecture..

    i respectfully disagree.

  6. Hmm

    I remember feminist speaker from last year. Imagine that. Wouldn't it be nice if she was not actually a student, just a robot placed in that lecture every year by some bored party to entertain himself?

  7. Hey, Bwog

    Is there any Bwog approved means to buy/sell textbooks from/to each other. It just makes so much more sense than feeding that horrible monster in the Lerner basement where I get followed around by the security personnel even though the robbery is occurring TO me.

  8. cc'09

    man this takes me back. What a great time that was. So much anticipation ending with slight bewilderment until you realize 4 years later that this one lecture had no bearing on your time here. good fucking times


    JON HILL!!! Your charts, graphs, and bingo cards are much appreciated, and sorely missed over the summer

  10. Where's  

    Gareth Williams politely and britishly tries to get a kid to shut up and he/she steamrolls over him and keeps talking? Then I might've actually gotten a bingo.

  11. How about  

    a Lit Hum paper bingo for the profs? Some squares would include "tries to work in some anime series for the third consecutive paper", "gives a word-for-word regurgitation of something I said in class", and "hilariously melodromatic rhetorical question."

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