Live, from New York, it’s Cast Members With Columbia Ties

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With the new TV season comes new cast members for Saturday Night Live, and the latest gossip on “Teh Internetz” (aka The Comic’s Comic) is that two of the additions have Columbia ties. The first, Nasim Pedrad, is the sister of Varsity Show castmember Nina Pedrad CC ’11. The second, Jenny Slate (at right), is in fact CC ’04, and has been described as having “no discernible sense of shame or fear.” She’s also been working with fellow CC ’04 grad Gabe Liedman since they met on campus. We’d attempt to make a joke, but it would only highlight their comedic superiority. Congrats to both!


  1. really?

    two of the additions "have with" Columbia ties?

    come on.

  2. heh

    they even hyperlinked their error.

  3. Meh

    Awkward usage? Yes. But, technically, not wrong.

  4. god Bwog  

    learn to fucking write!

  5. how  

    has no one commented that she's magnificent yet? christ, leave it to Columbians to be pennywise and poundfoolish

  6. duh

    jenny slate is also a vshow alum (107-109).

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