Recent Grad Quickly Becomes Best Dressed Man in America

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magazine judges and some people on the internet agree: recent Columbia grad Dan Trepanier, CC ’09, is the “Best Dressed Real Man in America” for 2009. The former basketball team guard was awarded the title on this morning’s Today show, and will receive such goodies as “a $10,000 wardrobe from Kenneth Cole and Esquire, a one-year supply of Nivea for Men products, [and] an IWC watch.” Trepanier made it to the final as the internet voters’ “fan favorite.”

“Dan’s style is instantly recognizable as American,” Esquire fashion director Nick Sullivan told, um, Esquire, “but it’s modern and individual and it avoids the more predictable preppy combinations.” Trepanier also dispenses fashion advice over at his blog, which we really do recommend to anyone who enjoys the fine arts of preppiness.

Update: Today show video here.

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  1. Surfin' UWS

    Well, prepiness is often associated with Princeton-level douchebaggery, as is spending ridiculously large sums of money on clothes for a male.

    Good for him. If you're into that, it's a pretty distinguished title- as is the prize. No need to hate, folks. Quiet disdain will do.

    Now hipsters however;

    - American Apparel is not a lifestyle.

    - There's no such thing as an ironic mustache.

    - Vintage priced at $80 is not vintage.

    - Converses aren't comfortable.

    Signed: Surfin' UWS, signing in for the new year, bitches!

  2. um...

    converse are comfortable!!!

  3. um....

    just about as comfortable as your d*** in really tight pants?

  4. awesome!

    dan is a great guy! we'll miss him on campus!

  5. i'm  

    actually really excited about this. especially because his competitors were highly mediocre and it would have been ridiculous if he lost.

  6. see this

    haha that asian was a joke

  7. wellllll

    this guy looks like a big fuccccccccccking tool. At least he's a good looking tool tho so he's got that atleast going for him. What sucks big time is if youre an ugly tool cough George krebs cough cough

  8. Except

    His style isn't preppy at all. It's fashionable, it's well-dressed, it's formal, but that's not preppy.

    That's preppy.

  9. whatever

    i'm really tired of all these closet homophobes acting like a guy putting on something other than athletic sneakers, cargo pants and a t shirt he got for free at a school event automatically makes him a "hipster" or "tool." if it's okay for girls to care about fashion, why can't men?
    p.s. i think i speak for most girls when i say that there is nothing worse than spotting a cute guy only to look down at his feet and see that he's wearing new balances or something equally horrible with everyday dress

  10. ...  

    he looks like he sits on the board of hudsucker industries by day and moonlights as a shoe salesman by night.

  11. ...  

    great style but too bad hes a horrible guy

  12. Waring Hudsucker

    A+ Hudsucker Proxy reference

  13. Okkkk

    Yeah I bet you there are a million better dressed people than this guy. Anyone who self submits an application for best man in America is a BIG ass tool. The people who voted for him are probably tools too

  14. too many layers

    Absolutely no one has congratulated me on winning Clothed magazine's "Most Dressed Man of 2009"

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