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Those of you who hit the American Apparel sale early will have already seen him, but Bwog assumes that there are a few un-stylish souls out there who have yet to see the Ted Kennedy’s face peering up at them from the sidewalk of Broadway and 110th. The currently hairless and earless portrait is surrounded by the chalks, inspiration and donation requests of the artist, Hani. More after the jump.


As Bwog took pictures, Hani ate his falafel in the shade near his fading renderings of President Obama and Secretary Clinton. Hani told Bwog that he experimented with street art in Italy before coming to New York, where he has been decorating sidewalks for 24 years. He says that within a day or so he will have added hair, ears, and a frame to what he calls “an important face.”


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  1. y'mean

    that's not Boris Yeltsin?

  2. Portrait Critic

    Well, it's no Mark Bittman, but...

  3. Hani is Great!  

    This work is quite spectacular. Do you think you could better support the artist by including a link to his art in the post?

  4. there's  

    also one of sotomayor farther down the street

  5. i love  

    street art. keep up the good work, sir!

  6. 67 and Fair

    Just like PrezBo.

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