Furnald, Hartley, Wallach: Now with Wireless?

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CUIT’s past restriction on wireless routers could be on the way out. Sources tell Bwog that CUIT is planning on lifting its restriction on personal wireless routers in Furnald, Hartley, and Wallach. Instead, it will allow students to purchase an Apple Airport Express or similar types of routers (perhaps based on the current policy offered to residents of Columbia-owned apartments). Residents should hear about the program “within the next few weeks.”

In the past, sources told Bwog, CUIT restricted the routers on the grounds that they put stress on the university network. This new test will look at how allowing routers will affect speed in the building and also on the Quad. So first-years, if you could hold off on downloading the entire IMDB top 250 until after this test finishes, that’d be just dandy.

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  1. senior  

    When has this ever stopped anyone? I've had a wireless router since freshman year and nothing has ever come of it.

    It's the idiots who set theirs up wrong that makes it a problem.

  2. Speaking of which,  

    Internet outage in EC.

  3. grammar girl  

    "In the past, sources told Bwog, CUIT restricted the routers on the grounds that they put stress on the university network."

  4. exactly  

    they even told me themselves that if you do it right, they won't bother you.

  5. but it that hard to set up an 802.11g? All you have to do is just pop in the CD and follow the instructions....

  6. ...

    that makes no sense at all. wireless routers are slow and if everyone was slowed down by sitting behind one the university's infrastructure would actually be happier.

    my guess is that they banned wireless because it generally makes it much harder to figure out where to point the finger when abuse occurs.

    • Nope  

      Actually using wireless doesn't make it that much harder to point the finger because the responsibility lies with whoever set up the router. So if a randomly floormate uses your wireless you are the one who will get the blame. Also, you'd be surprised how many people set wireless routers up wrong and fuck up internet in other rooms...

  7. Hmm

    Is Internet out in Wien

  8. What About  

    Carman. Since when were we left in the dark?


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