CULPA Wants YOU to Review More Professors

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On the cusp of reaching its teenage years, the Columbia Underground Listing of Professor Ability is the first stop for figuring out which professors are tolerable, and which ones make students want to impale themselves with a rusty railroad spike. But, in talking with CULPA co-head honcho Ron Gejman yesterday, Bwog learned that the shining beacon of Columbia internet startups needs more reviews. And since we’re soon becoming a non-profit, we decided to donate a post to this pressing issue.

CULPA is in particular need of reviews in some of the smaller departments (Human Rights, African-American Studies, etc.), as well as many of the required classes in both SEAS and CC. Reviews are less common in the required classes, says Gejman, both because students don’t see the point of reviewing a required class, and because classes like Lit Hum constantly have new professors. “If you see your CORE professor doesn’t have a review,” he implores, “REVIEW HIM/HER!”

Also, CULPA needs help in keeping course numbers and professors accurate, so they asked us reviewers to try to be accurate with course numbers, and flag any professors that have left Columbia.  Remember, upperclassmen, if you want to memorialize the sage and/or get back at that idiot from last year, now’s your chance.




  1. I agree!

    review!! it's actually kinda fun

  2. 3030303030303  

    I agree with above.

  3. kinds of culpa reviews  

    1) Worked hard, went to office hours and got an A. Best professor ever.
    2) Skipped every class and he gave me a C-. Worst professor ever.

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