Massive Free “BBQ” on Low Plaza

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Students stumbling out of their early Tuesday classes will find a large BBQ spread, courtesy of Live at Lerner, on Low Plaza until 2 p.m. Not surprisingly, there’s a long line waiting for wristbands, but, well, it’s free food! Go!

Also, while we have the chance, thumbs down to Live @ Lerner’s Facebook description: “We prove you can have fun whilst sober.”

UPDATE: Eyewitnesses report that they ran out of food at around 12:30. A good start to the year.

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  1. vegetarian

    anyone know if there are non-meat options?

  2. missed the bbq but...  

    Anyone know if Barnard is having a barbecue/block party today too? there is a banner at barnard..-

  3. FAIL  

    they ran out of food at about 12:30, Live at Lerner is off to a great start!

  4. AFAIK  

    the barnard bbq will be starting at 6 or 6:30 tonight

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