Music Hum Does Not Take Kindly to Your Laptop

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Bwog’s heard multiple reports on “an edict from on high,” as one Music Hum instructor put it, that Music Humanities has banned laptops in class this semester. The reasons given are frankly not too surprising: the laptops are seen as far more of a distraction/procrastination tool than a help. Who knew?

It’s unclear yet if the policy is a test for other Core Courses; laptops are already frowned upon in many Lit Hum and CC sections, though maybe that’s because hiding procrastination is somewhat more difficult around a table versus a huge lecture.

In related news, a note for CC first-years: Friday’s Music Hum exemption test is the only chance you have to test out of the class, if you’re so inclined.

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  1. prediction  

    eventually we've have wifi you have to log into to use and each professor with have the option of disabling the wireless access for the members of their class during the class period - and laptops will lose some of this current stigma

    ...not to say you can't screw around on the computer without internet - but at least you're a little more limited



    Eh, I'm over it.

  3. Alum

    Since when is Music Hum taught as a "huge lecture"? When I was a freshman its sections were no bigger than those for Lit Hum or CC. If this has changed I'd like to know, if only so I don't misinform the high school seniors I interview.

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