Quickie C-Spot: Smells and Strangulation

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Good news, under-laid Columbians: the “sex positive” magazine C-Spot has announced that they’re expanding their sexcapades to other campuses.  Now you can share your lust with your, er, friends from NYU.  Or just read the current issue while your roommate is out.  The gist:

cspot issue 3“I discovered that Robert’s foreskin acted as a fantastic penetration aide.”

“I used the safe word – “yellow” – only once.”

“Call me daddy, call me daddy, call me daddy…”

“Well, I guess its fine [to go bare] if the woman has a subtle vagina.”

“She tasted light and citric.”

Bwog suggests that you not read these while in class or in a computer lab.

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  1. True Story

    One day, a friend of mine said to me, "Free food in Hamilton 309 at 8!"

    So I went.

    I open the door. There is a dude with a pony tail and a goatee holding a whip and swinging it about.

    "What is this?" I ask a girl entering the room. "Conversio Virium," she replies, as though I should know what that meant.

    "What's that?"
    [long pause]
    "The sex club," she replies.
    "Oh... cool"

  2. i don't know  

    who they were asking, but pubic hair on women is one of the most unattractive personal hygiene choices you can make.

    Anyone who uses the "I want to have sex with a woman, not a girl" line is still a virgin.

    There. I said it. You can all go on with your nasty unshaven lives now.

  3. i don't know  

    who you are, but I'm pretty sure you're the antithesis of what a woman wants to have sex with.

    Good luck, buddy.

  4. a little  

    never hurt anyone.

  5. oh  

    And I know the Blue and White wrote something about Ruskin's fear of hair down there, but damned I can't find it in your archive.

  6. ugh  

    I know the comments on this post are typical Bwog fare, but I still have to say: I'm really repulsed by how they are. Seriously? People who think Conversio Virium is some kind of joke, boys who don't understand that there is a grey area between shaving it all and "having a forest"... I really hope most Columbians have a more mature sexual outlook than this.

  7. ugh 2  

    *how immature they are

  8. lezzie

    as a woman, I would like to say I don't think the boys here are being too unreasonable. going down on a hairless/semi-hairless (or at least trimmed enough to provide reasonable access) is much, much, more pleasant. I don't see the big deal about shaving, I do it even when I'm not sexually active, it feels cleaner.

  9. Hmm  

    why does the guy have bigger boobs than the girl?

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