1. @ look  

    That was grossly inappropriate.

  2. More importantly  

    God bless America, today and everyday.

  3. Look

    at what we loose when people believe in some imaginary friend in the sky. Fear of the unknown, fear of what happens after death, laziness to learn about the world outside of one's own, hatred those who are different, a desperate, pathetic need to have life's big questions easily explained away without the need for thought, prevention of having to admit that we just down know...these are the human weaknesses that allow people to believe in such ridiculous things as jesus, allah, yahweh, buddha, etc. Down with religion!!!

  4. blue  

    Incredibly tacky, Bwog.

    • James  

      We felt that, being a university in the city where over 2,000 people died that day, this day deserved a remembrance, even though any extra text would be extra tacky. Sorry if you're offended.

  5. 444444444444444

    Last year bwog didn't have an anniversary post for 9/11, if I remember correctly. Or, even if bwog did, it was more newsworthy and not quite like this one.

    Why did you have to remind us bwog?

  6. Anyway  

    I thought it was a good post.

  7. DisgruntledLion  

    People who are calling this post "tacky" and/or making snarky comments about September 11 need to seriously fuck off.

  8. In memory

    is certainly fine on the anniversary of the event. But the whole "Never Forget 9/11" bullshit that people spout and emblazon on the bumper of their Ford Fuckyoumobile is about as pointless as walking up to guys on the street and saying "be sure to think about sex today at some point! Never forget about tits and pussy"

    • wow.  

      When people are dying to defend and protect your undeserving butt in the wake on 9/11, I'd say their friends and family are allowed a bumper sticker. Seems to me just a little bit different than a bumper sticker about sex...

      • That

        assumes that everyone who has such a bumper sticker is in the Army/Marines (b/c lets be honest no one in the CG or AF are really risking anything...well save combat controllers perhaps). I would expect a better argument out of someone from CU that didn't have holes you could drive a truck (or fly a plane) through.

  9. to the haters  

    This isn't to say that what happened on 9/11 didn't effect all people across the United States, but it seems to me that insensitivity regarding the loss of life on 9/11, all causes aside, stems from those that weren't New Yorkers at the time or didn't have any family/friends/acquaintances that suffered on that day. At least be considerate to those who did suffer and do mourn before you spew illiterate drivel.

  10. As soon  

    as I saw this post I knew there would be at least 10 cynical/angry posts below. But it is good to know not everyone at this school is an asshole.

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