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For several years, cinephiles hoping to use Butler’s growing DVD collection (now over 10,000 titles) were forced to watch the DVDs inside the library, without being able to borrow them. But last year’s otherwise-unfortunate demise of Kim’s Video and Music has finally yielded one big benefit: parts of its collection have made it into the Butler collection, and students can rent the titles for free!

According to staff at Butler Reserves, students can now take out two titles for up to three days, with a $7.00 per day fine for late returns. As for CLIO listings, circulating DVDs’ locations show up as “Butler Media (Circulating)” (see above), while non-circulating locations still show up as “Butler Media Reserves.”

Though the number of circulating titles is currently still somewhat small, the Kim’s collection had over 40,000 titles, so in the future Butler could be the first stop for DVDs…er, up to 2008, that is.

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  1. Wha?  

    I though the Kim's collection was sold off to some hippie Italians

  2. Bwog,

    Why are you watching I heart Huckabees? Do you always watch shitty movies designed to make you look like pretentious assholes?


  3. WTF

    7 dollars for a fucking day late?

  4. ...  

    The littler "...,er" thing that you've been affecting lately is really annoying. Just saying, don't do it anymore.

  5. Great quote  

    from In the Loop

    "Well, I don't want to be accused of micro-managing, but I cannot understand why "I Heart Huckabees" is on a list of DVDs considered suitable for armed-forces entertainment. That self-indulgent crap is not suitable for combat troops. "

  6. Maggie  


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