I’ll Follow the Sun

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Nature capped our final free weekend of the semester with some gorgeous weather and a beautiful sunset over Low.  After the nervous excitement of this first week, take some time to relax because it’s the last chance you’ll get.

See you in Butler.

Photo by AB

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  1. anonymous

    this is the first time I see something remotely close to what the campus life brochures advertised.

  2. that's only because  

    they aren't letting anyone on the lawn. that's how it gets to be that nice shade of green.

  3. LOL Columbia Student  

    I can haz despair?

  4. awesome  

    awesome picture!!! :)

  5. Kanye West  

    Yo bwog that's a beautiful photo and ima let you finish, but that Afghan Girl picture was one of the best photos of all time

  6. Dat calm

    azz crib bout to be bumpin wit sum mad, mad, mad niggerish rap!!! See yo azzez in the But but be sho to be rockin dem krunk azz beatz!!

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