QuickBW: Hot Hot Hot!

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The September issue of
The Blue and White is on newsstands (that is, around campus) and also online!  Some highlights:

Hot weather necessitates hot weather music.

Cheating may or may not end you up in hot water.

Wisdom from a guy whose job puts him under fire.

Campus characters who light up Columbia’s theatre and visual arts.

The fictional Jessica Darling doesn’t make Columbia look so hot.

And, poetry on wildfires and Frank Zappa.

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  1. The screenshot...  

    is black and white. I'm frightened and confused at this new editorial direction.

  2. Well...  

    A few quick cheers for shameless narcissistic self-promotion. Except, wait, any more cheering for you would be drowned out by the sounds of your staff patting themselves on the back.

  3. yikes  

    Holy God this issue is bad. Whatever journalism's actually in this one is lost in a morass of self-congratulation; Bwog displays almost NYRB-like levels of humility by comparison. Better luck next time.

  4. ---  

    Hi there, neighbourhood troll! Not feeling well today, I take it?

  5. I miss  

    the detailed illustrations for the campus characters. Boo to the lame gradient effects.

  6. i gotta say  

    bwog writers 9 times out of 10 fail horribly at being funny. but this issue is actually pretty hilarious. especially that section on the bars. nice job guys!

  7. hmm

    cheaters sometimes prosper cites a barnard professor but doesn't even mention that barnard college actually has an honor code with an honor board. the efficacy of such an institution is up for debate, of course, but I'd say the question of cheating on campus and the concept of the honor code should not be addressed without looking at barnard's code.

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