1. HMM..

    I'm sure while the police was busy stopping the bike-tricking, another student got robbed.

    • From  

      reading Bwog comments on every single event involving Public Safety, I'm beginning to think there is a concern about the departments performance that stretches beyond the War on Fun.

      Maybe it's time to discuss these concerns in a more official forum than the Bwog comments section.

      Then again, I don't know how to get a permit for that.

  2. I wonder  

    what happened to that guy after

  3. Thomas' fan  

    Doesn't security know that this guy pulls off bike tricks like us normal humans walk? It's not dangerous. I'm more scared of the cross country team running through campus shirtless than of this Thomas guy.

  4. delete

    #5 please, Bwog. disgusting.

  5. Um...I'm impressed?

    Wow...the guy on the bike is so hardcore-to-the-max-extreme. God help us all if he shows off his mad skillz by doing more ill trickz over TWO people. Respek.

  6. hahahaha  

    so glad the video has them getting busted

  7. he's a keeper  

    who's the brave soul who risked his life, livelihood and future children in order to appear in that video?

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