Proof of a Superior Attitude

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Everyone is getting into the news roundup business these days, and Oren’s is merely the latest to hop on the bandwagon.

Whilst searching for a thirst-quenching, heart-stimulating, ice-laden beverage, one Bwogger came across the small coffee chain’s attempt to compete with Google News:

Referring to three recent events, the sign would be unremarkable were it not positioned just above the (conspicuously empty) tips jar.

Finally, a business model that works.


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  1. wait  

    what the hell was this post about.

  2. gooooo  

    it was about the funny sign. the sign was funny, so you should laugh =D

  3. so uh  

    the long-ailing icon they were referring to was Kanye's dignity, right?

  4. ummm  

    federer is still the best. don't hate the player, hate the game. Del Potro got lucky.

  5. finally

    we can put to rest all the rumors that roger federer was ever any good at tennis.

  6. Baby

    Nobody puts Patrick Swayze in the corner.

  7. today's  

    new tip-jar sign is something to the effect of: "It's almost autumn, and we here at Oren's are also impacted by the recession. Please contribute to the Oren's staff needs a scarf fund."

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