Columbia Discovers Thing on Internet with Videos

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For all those times when you really can’t think of a single thing to watch on YouTube, Columbia is here to help! For your viewing and distracting pleasure, the Center for New Media Teaching and Learning brings you… Columbia’s revamped YouTube channel

Columbia is not the first university to join YouTube EDU, and like those of its fellow research universities (including Yale, UPenn, and Stanford) Columbia’s channel is full of dorky educational stuff, including videos of “course lectures” and academic events on campus. Presumably, the purpose is to make academia available to the public and facilitate an exchange of ideas between Columbia and the outside world. 

We can only presume this, because the page shows no sign of what every student already here would want: videos of actual classes, rather than the current lecture series posing as classes. At the very least, watching those hideous 9 a.m. intro lectures would be a little more comfortable from an easy chair.

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  1. ALERT

    BREAKING: Community F&J to re-open really soon!!!

    (wonder what's the situation with the Nussbaum dorm rooms...)

  2. bwog

    i love this tag:
    Seas Laughs At Cc's Pain,

    • except  

      I've been meaning to ask... what's with the odd capitalization rules for the tags? It seems that it tries to automatically capitalize the first letter of each word, but it makes for awkward tags sometimes.

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