Grad Students Win Again

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computersForget checking Facebook on your way to Econ; a Bwog tipster discovered that the row of shiny new Mac monitors in IAB’s sixth floor lobby is reserved for SIPA network users only.  SIPA may be indulging its students less than it appears, however; Bwog learned that slow hard drives running Windows lie beneath their stylish exteriors.  


More photos of what you’re missing after the jump.






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  1. that's cool.  

    And feel free to still hang out in the Lerner Computer Room if you want, or anyplace in Butler, whatevs...we have plenty.

  2. What!

    This interrupts my Lehman studying. I vote we retaliate with butler

  3. not fair  

    undergrads don't have a single designated space on campus for them...that's what lerner is supposed to be but everyone on campus uses lerner too...not fair!!!

  4. ALERT

    Fine, undergrads don't have a designated space. But grad schools have to cater to their own students first before opening it up to others.

    C'mon, guys...

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