Today’s Bwoglines: It’s The Hard Knock Life

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Bwog was at a loss; it’s a lot harder to shake “Bweckfast with Bwog” out of your head than you’d think. But, as we verged on a nervous bweakdown, the hot dog machine in Lerner suddenly burst into life, and written in the ketchup of the miracle was our answer! And so for the first time, we give you the morning BwogLines.

Community’s doors are NOT closed permanently, but after a rough summer, plenty of others are. (Spec)

No one wants the smokers. Soon, both campus rules and NYC law may force them all into life on the street. (Spec, NY Times)

Let’s fight about it! I mean, Vampire Weekend’s new album is called “Contra.” (Pitchfork)

Democratic City Councilman Tony Avella’s life got a little easier last night, but probably not for the reason he’d prefer. (NY Daily News)

It’s hard out there for a hipster, what with the Mormons picking up after you, shrinking trust funds, and the rising popularity of potbellies. (Gothamist)





  1. I heart carcinogen  

    All the arguments used against a complete smoking ban can be negated by putting a ban on smoking near buildings, IMO. Putting a 20 foot buffer zone outside of Butler, totally enforceable, and gives those wanting to avoid secondhand smoke an escape passage. Smokers still get their habit, they just have to move their asses 20 more feet to a less confined area.

  2. Ex-smoker  

    As an ex-smoker, walking past Butler makes me crave the ciggos like a fiend. Which for all practical purposes isn't a good reason to support a ban, but for me it's a fair enough justification.

    How do so many people here afford to smoke? $10.00 for a pack? In ATL (where I'm from) you can still get two-pack specials for $6.00-$7.00... which was enough to bankrupt my chain-smoking high school self. Lord knows how broke I'd be if I kept it up here.

  3. Name  

    Thinking about it, enforcement wouldn't be a problem if there are significant fines attached to it. Have the guard walk out of butler once in a while and start ticketing.

    Though it'll probably result in smoking right on Broadway.

  4. anon

    Should it be BwogWines?

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