Bwoglines: Think of Your Happy Place

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picket fence sunupA Spiderman wannabe has been kicking in AC units and skylights in the Village.  The real superhero would never have napped at the scene. (Post)

Continuing our march towards complete apathy,  there was only a 10% turnout in Tuesday’s Democratic Primary.  Apparently, more people know what “comptroller” is than “mayor.”(NY1)

Newark has many problems, the worst of which is being in New Jersey.  They’re opting for “the dirt is a richer shade of brown on the other side of the stylish barricade.”(1010 WINS)

Rachel Green is planning to open a Mexican restaurant somewhere in the city because “Usually a really great night is had at a Mexican restaurant.”  Liquor + salsa = fun. (Eater)

What’s the frequency, Kenneth?” ask people investigating the Hudson helicopter crash. (Daily News)

Poppycock! Who uses an iPhone to register for courses? (NYU Local)

Police arrested a lab technician in the ongoing Yale homicide investigation.  Our condolences again to her family and her fiancee, Columbia grad student Jonathan Widawsky. (NYT)

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