Columbia University: Bringing the Kink Since 1754

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Everyone’s favorite neighborhood BDSM club, Conversio Virium, attracted previous media attention in 2006, when Ann Coulter dissed them in an interview,  telling Fox News “[S]omeone who needs to join a club at college to find a way to have sex, probably not your lookers…probably something a little wrong about them.”CV got some revenge last spring, however, when they hosted speaker Kate Bornstein in Altschul Hall immediately after Coulter’s infamous “fisting kindergartners” speech. The topic of Bornstein’s lecture? What to do “when expressing yourself makes other people queasy.”

Now, Conversio Virium is featured in Time Out New York’s Sex Issue 2009, in an article titled “The Perv’s Guide to NYC.” The article features write-ups of sex-related establishments in all 5 boroughs, in addition to what is quite possibly the creepiest picture Bwog has ever seen. “Columbia isn’t all stuffy academia,” the article claims, yet the blurb appears pitched to just that sort of crowd. Time Out notes that “sessions typically welcome a notable member of the kink and BDSM community” to talk about topics like “bondage, knife play, hypnotism and flogging.” And it’s not as if the field is without its academic treatises. “Modern day master/slave relationship,” indeed.

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