Passport to Free Food

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Don’t miss the 2nd annual “Passport to Columbia,” brought to you by the Caribbean Students’ Association, CCSC, and ESC. For those who couldn’t make it last year: expect epic amounts of free, delicious food from a plethora of cultures, live music and dance, and a ton of people.

 It’s taking place in Roone Arledge Auditorium from 7-10 tonight. For details, see the full description here.

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  1. bwog  

    bwog has sucked ever since last year's seniors left and jim downie took over....

  2. ahem  

    this was not funny! booooooo

  3. todd patrick

    question -- been hearing rumblings that there's going to be a free vampire weekend show at adp at midnight. is this true?

  4. false  

    Bwog is awesome this year. GOOOOO JCD.

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