Bwoglines: Take It Or Leave It Edition

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Paterson may have been dumped by the White House, but he’s sticking with it nonetheless (and he’s not backing Bloomberg) (NYT; NY Daily News).

Various Barnard departments are working to carve up the Vag–sorry–the Diana (Spec). 

Park(ing) Day takes over park(ing) spaces for all that’s good and green (Spec). 

NYC might boast the Best Burger Of All Time, but, according to the Guardian, New Haven, CT, is the home of the world’s tastiest pizza.  Suuuure (Gothamist).

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  1. Picked here over Yale  

    simply for the pizza. Guardian lies worse than Obama!!

  2. that picture  

    made me realize i miss Arthur.

  3. Anonymous  

    I must admit, I have been to said pizza parlor and it has the best pizza I've ever had.

  4. White Clam  

    Sally's and Pepe's equally rock!

  5. That song

    Gets stuck in my head all the time!

  6. Pepe's

    White Clam pie is #1, but Artichoke on 14th is a CLOSE second - could win once I have the crab pie. Best Sicillian ever. Check it out.

  7. damned dirty

    filthy lies.

    I have been to Frank Pepe's. I got a car and drove 1.5 hours to New Haven specifically to find out what the deal is with there pizza.

    It's good pizza, no doubt. But world's best? That's a bit ridiculous. And there are those who say Sally's is better.

    But there are so many pizza's to choose from in NY that it's a little ridiculous. Patsy's, Grimaldi's, DiFara, John's, etc. etc. And then there's all those fancy artisinal pizzerias that just opened that aren't too shabby either.

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