CU Quarterback M. A. Olawale Is Smart and Sporty

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 Photo via CU Athletics

Everyone has been very pleasantly surprised by this year’s football team–even The New York Times is jumping on the Lions’ bandwagon.  A recent article heaps praise on “unflappable” senior quarterback M. A. Olawale, crediting him with propelling Columbia to its recent victory over Fordham.  Olawale, a neuroscience major planning to head to medical school after graduation, did all sorts of exciting football things during the game–he threw 38- and 32- yard passes, set up touchdowns, and even withstood an unsportsmanlike onslaught from a “frustrated” Fordham team.  Check out Olawale and the rest of the delightfully successful Lions next Saturday at 12.30pm when they kick off their home opener against the Central Connecticut State Blue Devils.


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  1. millicent  

    is the man. yay area in the house

    • It's  

      rare that bwog heaps praise on someone I actually respect - but Milli is seriously one of the kindest, coolest people I've met on this campus... and very a talented QB to boot.

      Way to be Mill - me and mine'll be up at baker for you on Saturday. Give em hell and keep reppin the best fucking city in the world - yay area for life

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