Spending Your Whole Life in Butler Just Got Easier

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 Photo via Bwog!

In case you couldn’t tell from the joyful cries of sexiled 2013s, the good news from Butler keeps rolling in.

Bwog’s star student Liz Naiden reports (with glee) that the Reference Room and the Catalogue Room, as well as “all the other reading rooms on the third floor,” are now open forever and always. 

That’s right–all twenty four hours of the day (or, sidereally, all 23 hours, 56 minutes and 4.091 seconds of the day).  Grab your laptop and your French press and head on over: the water’s free and the doors never close.

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  1. circ  

    "Just" got easier. A month after it happened. Thanks, Bwog, for your speedy reporting.

  2. Sidereally?

    I guess Bwog's really enjoying it's intro astronomy class.

  3. uhhh....  

    please don't insert irrelevant astronomical terms into colloquial speech, it makes you look like an pompous asshole to those who don't know what you're referring, and a overcompensating dumbass to those who do. (Yes Jim Downie, this means you)

  4. pompous asshole police

    What's "an pompous asshole"? Does the an signify that there is supposed to be another word between an and pompous? Maybe you meant "an astronomically pompous asshole"? That would would be quite an arrogant pooper.

    Also referring...? Referring what? Referring to?

    And do you mean "AN overcompensating dumb ass" or should I assume your misuse of a and an signifies a missing word again? A colossally overcompensating dumb ass, perhaps?

    If you hate pompous assholes so much, don't invite us by writing such retarded comments.

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