1. question  

    Why do different areas of campus fall under different security operations? For example why do West Campus dorms like Schapiro have contract security guards while the campus itself has CUPS people?

    • Alum

      Columbia's contract with the union that represents security officers specifies where they can be assigned and where they can't. I think their assignments are limited to on-campus locations and Baker Field, but I'm not sure of that.

  2. heads up  

    a friend of mine just let me know that the westboro baptist church (aka "god hates ____ (insert anything here)") will be "protesting" at JTS tomorrow...

  3. 2150

    i think i see mine!! hahaha

  4. jim downie  

    jim downie sucks. and is ugly

  5. Anonymous  

    As for success...
    Sometimes, the key is in the gutter.

  6. bwog!  

    I saw this this morning and took a picture on my cell and was going to text it to you but then realized i had no idea what bwog's phone number is. what's your phone number, bwog? yeah, that's right, i want to date you. but seriously, where can we send text message updates? much more efficient than email ones.

  7. will...  

    columbia housing have to charge itself eight gajillion dollars in lost key fines?

  8. Yes it's real  

    The Westboro Baptist Church is coming tomorrow - just google their schedule for their reasoning. It's 1:15-2:00p.

  9. Housing says:  

    We now need to reconfigure all of your locks. That'll be $50 each, please. Expect your lock to be changed at the most inconvenient and random time imaginable.

  10. pretty sure  

    these are the garbage keys rendered useless by some dorms' switch from ving to cuid swiping.

  11. westboro  

    was totally awesome today. oh God what a ridiculous group of people. started a bit late though. wtf is a bitch burger?

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