Incorrect but Accurate

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While retrieving packages from Carman and carrying a large sign disassociating himself from that vomit-strewn hell hole, one Bwogger came across the following sign on the stairwell door to the Mezzanine:

carman sign

“NOT the Mail floor.  To collect your packages, go to the male floor up the next flight of stairs.  Much obliged.” (emphasis added)

What would initially appear to be a misspelling turned out to be accurate.  A quick perusal of the name tags confirmed that the second floor is, once again, an all-male floor.

Freshmen are cleverer than they let on.

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  1. wat.  

    "Freshmen are cleverer than they let on"

    obvious troll

  2. ponder  

    Do you think they make it an all male floor precisely because they know a ton of people will be wandering around looking for their packages and they don't want one of those wanderers to wander into a poor little girls room and do things to her?

  3. bravo  

    long live carman 2nd, best floor ever in carman hall!!

    - carman 2, '2011

  4. clg  

    i picked up a package there today and somebody had moved that sign to the carman 2 door. i got very confused.

    also, hasn't carman 2 always (or at least for a while) been a male floor? it definitely was my freshman year, and that was in '05.

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