Bwoglines: Diminishing Seriousness Edition

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Foiled New York terror plot was scheduled for September 11 of this year, says prosecutor in the case of alleged terrorist. (AP)

A Columbia Econ professor claims that good signs from the stock market don’t necessarily mean improvement in the economy. All the suited would-be analysts swarming yesterday’s career fair beg to differ. (Reuters)

Because skinny jeans and ironic T’s clothed the whore of Babylon: “equal opportunity haters” from Westboro Baptist take the love to Brooklyn, meet with similar level of success. (Gothamist, NYT)

 U2 plays at Giant’s Stadium, backs up the subway, draws larger crowds than the Pope did. Bwog advises Benedict to take up the “perpetual sunglasses” look if he wants remain a serious contender. (NYT)

Want your own little piece of presidential residue? Psh, is that even a question? Theater seats warmed by America’s first couple (for around 2.5 hours) to be auctioned off, starting at $500. Well, in terms of presidential merchandise, it could be much, much worse. (NYT)

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  1. Oh Joe Stiglitz

    you whiny douchebag. Get that invisible hand out of your ass already. Maybe then we can hear a little less about how everything isn't the way you would like it to be etc etc

  2. ...  

    it's not rocket science. if you run a trade deficit forever, you will eventually go broke. if you have a higher standard of living than the rest of the world, and the rest of the world is gaining capability to make what you make, you will run a trade deficit. end of story.

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