I F*@#ing Love You For That!

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Last night’s season premiere of Saturday Night Live marked the debut of new cast member and Columbia grad Jenny Slate. Instead of creating a memorable character or nailing an impression, though, Slate set the Internet aflame with news and video of her unscripted “f-bomb.”

Performing as a biker chick with a talk show in a sketch rife with “friggin’ this and “freakin’ that,” Slate suddenly said, “I fuckin’ love you for that,” setting off alarms with the fellas at the freakin’ FCC.

Fortunately for Slate, not only has Internet reaction been sympathetic (both because of the number of “friggin”s to slip up on and because it was one of the few funny moments in the episode), but there’s also a decent chance the network won’t be fined: NBC got off when Bono (who coincidentally, was last night’s music guest) used similar language at the 2003 Golden Globes.

Here’s hoping notoriously grumpy creator and executive producer Lorne Michaels feels similarly forgiving.

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  1. what  

    the frick. now my 5 year old daughter who i let watch late night television will start saying fuck all the time 10 years prematurely.

  2. does anyone  

    know where to find the whole clip? my judgment on the matter depends on whether the clip was actually funny.

  3. when

    was the last time anyone thought snl was funny? i'm thinking the late 90's.

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