Bwoglines Just Can’t Believe Kids These Days

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freaks and geeksBarnard girls just can’t decide who they want to be president — lets hope no one demands a recount (Spec).

Rich people are getting old men arrested for trying to save cats (NY Post).

Columbia students are allowed to go places no one else gets to go, but not on the South Lawn (Spec).

Super Size Me be damned, Moms claim that McDonald’s is actually good for you (NY Daily News).

“It’s just a cultural thing”: H&H sells more bagels on Yom Kippur than on any other day of the year (NYT).


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  1. kids these days  

    Tufts has a problem with people having sex while the roomate is there

  2. green

    1) why does h&h sell more bagels on yom kippur than other days? yom kippur is a day of fasting!!

    2) freaks and geeks picture?? why? (not that i'm complaining)

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